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  1. DKI
    DKI Erniepower
    Ernie, I would like to order the XOP seat platform kit from you. What is the cost and how long would it take to get the platform from you? Thank you.
  2. VA saddlehunter
    VA saddlehunter Erniepower
    Hi Ernie, I'm interested in an xop platform kit if they are available, thanks
  3. tradesmen 4
    tradesmen 4
    glad to see everybody is getting into it. Busy building platforms and missing deer. Everyone good luck. Greg
  4. Fornman
    Fornman Erniepower
    Erniepower, I'd love to buy a platform kit. you can PM me or contact me at Thanks! John F.
  5. Stykbow1
    Stykbow1 redsquirrel
    Scott are you going to the Wild Outdoors Expo? I am going to go there for AeroHunter and was just wondering if you would be there or want me to give out info on the website. If you do give me a call and let me know.


    Roger 609-618-7481
  6. Gerg
    1. d_rek
      I have got to listen to this.
      Sep 4, 2017
    2. Gerg
      It certainly a hot topic on the other site
      Sep 4, 2017
  7. Gerg
    Podcast out with Eberhart and Infalt on scent control
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  8. Gerg
    Down south hunting podcast is up with the Eberhart/Infalt debate about scent control
  9. Kaseman
    Kaseman Erniepower
    Erniepower, hey I'm newish to the site I am interested in buying one of your xop platform kits if your still making and selling them. How can I get ahold of ya? Thanks!
  10. MITails
    MITails Erniepower
    Hey Ernie, I am interested in purchasing one of your XOP platform kits. Please let me know if they are still available. I can send funds immediately.
  11. Daren Russell
    Daren Russell Erniepower
    Ernie, I would like to buy another platform kit and a extra rope if you have them ,Thanks
  12. Scott F
    Scott F
    There is fast, good, and cheap; pick two.
  13. Arkrider
    New to the saddle hunting world! Never stop searching for a better way.
  14. Arkrider
    Arkrider archerskil
    I would like to purchase the 5 Ameristeps you have for sale.
  15. Chris Dunavant
  16. ktarch
    ktarch 20ftup
    1. 20ftup
      money sent. thanks!
      Aug 18, 2017
  17. lladnew
    lladnew redsquirrel
    How do you PM someone? I can't seem to find the button or link to start a new conversation with someone directly.
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    2. Tom Karrow
      Tom Karrow
      Good question, I have also wondered the same thing.. not very clear.
      Aug 16, 2017
    3. lladnew
      Tom, I discovered a post (ashamed to admit that it was after I posted this) that mentioned you need to make 3 posts first. I have commented more than that and still don't see the button. Perhaps it's because I need to create 3 new posts? I'm not sure.
      Aug 16, 2017
    4. redsquirrel
      At the top right of the screen is a mail icon. If you hover on the mail icon it should give you the option to "start new conversation". If you have any problems please start a thread and I'll help you out. Thanks!
      Aug 17, 2017
  18. Ontariofarmer
    Ontariofarmer Boudreaux
    Hi Boudreaux

    I am still not sure what size of kestrel to order. Does it fit different than the aero. My waist measure is 39 by new tribes. My jeans are 36. I found the size 2 aero sloppy and the size 1 too tight on the top belt.
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    2. Ontariofarmer
      But I wish there was a size 1.5 . I am about average height and weight for my age IMO
      Aug 16, 2017
    3. Ontariofarmer
      How long is the new predator bridge. How long do you like it
      Aug 16, 2017
    4. Boudreaux
      I don't remember how long the bridge is, I like mine longer than most. I did a lot of testing with this saddle at a much shorter bridge length than I typically like.
      Aug 17, 2017
  19. Swampcruiser
    Swampcruiser Erniepower
    Hello Ernie, I am interested in a platform kit. How do I order one? Thanks!
  20. Tony
    Learning Saddles