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  1. pinebarens
    pinebarens g2outdoors
    Hi g2 not shure if u got my pm you asked for.. not very good with computersif u did just let me know thanks pinebarrens
  2. Scott
    Scott Huntingbob
    How do I purchase one of your platforms email is
  3. quinn
    quinn Huntingbob
    How do i purchase one of your platforms?
  4. Chad Rice
    Chad Rice Huntingbob
    Hey huntingbob I’d like to purchase one of your platform posts my email is please send me an invoice through PayPal if you have one available thanks
  5. MFD205
    MFD205 justsomedude
    Are all sit drags the same size?
  6. MFD205
    MFD205 g2outdoors
    Are all sitdrags the same size?
  7. Kuenro02
    Kuenro02 Boudreaux
    Hey, I'm hetting ready to order the Kestral and was curious if the bridge comes with if I elect to just order the saddle? I already have a linemans belt and tree strap but would need a bridge if it does not come with. Thanks and appreciate all your help in getting me started into saddke hunting. Pretty dang excited!
  8. Crossfire64
    Crossfire64 Nick Grider
    The Kestrel represents the evolution of all of the saddles that has come before it. If I had the opportunity to begin with the Kestrel I would have. As a matter of fact, I'm currently selling an older saddle so I can buy a Kestrel
  9. Nick Grider
    Nick Grider Crossfire64
    Ok. I haven’t sold my trophy line yet. So I guess we’ll see what happens. Let me know if you sell
  10. DC10
    DC10 Bigterp
    Send me your email and I'll send over my PayPal details. Thanks!
  11. Brian Adams
    Brian Adams
    Crazy about hunting New England.
  12. bigjoe
    bigjoe Boudreaux
    Thank you for your help. I pulled the plug on the Kestrel today. Plenty of time to get acquainted with before next October.
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  13. Bubba6100
    when building platform with XOP Seat what brackets do you use? 6 pt bracket from XOP? Climbing stick bracket from XOP or LONE WOLF?
    1. Bubba6100
      suggestions would be greatly appreciated
      Jan 8, 2018
  14. Bubba6100
    Want to order Bryer Precision (Custom Platform Posts) aka huntingbob? How can I get in touch with him?
  15. jon johnson
    jon johnson
    I hunt NC,VA, and WV. I live in Troutman NC
  16. Mauidiver
    Mauidiver Erniepower
    Good evening sir, can you send me some info and pics of your platform I keep hearing about. I’m new to this style and know nothing about it. I already want to get some gear and practice for next season. Thanks.
  17. Chad Rice
    Chad Rice g2outdoors
    Looking for one of those briar precision beams for my saddle platform. Hoping you can point me in the right direction or if you have one you want to sell thanks
  18. George fourth
    George fourth
    I am thinking about making my own tree sticks and was curious if anyone has drawings/blue prints for the stand offs they could share. thanks
    1. ImThere
      buy some muddy s or get some lone wolfs they are the lightest you can also get XOP, having them built will hurt your pocket book considerably unless you can do the work your self
      Jan 8, 2018
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  19. Bubba6100
    Took my first buck this season this morning out of my new aero hunter saddle! Wow! Hunting out of this saddle was amazing!
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    2. redsquirrel
      Jan 5, 2018
    3. Bubba6100
      Thanks redsquirrel!!
      Jan 8, 2018
  20. Tyler Perritt
    Tyler Perritt Erniepower
    Hey Ernie, new to the forum and just got into saddle hunting this year. I'd like to get info on your xop platform kits with the new seat style. (Price, components included, etc.). Thank you in advance.