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  1. lpv77
    lpv77 redsquirrel
    Do you hunt the pine barrens in Jersey? I've just started hunting them here on Long island.very difficult to figure out.
    MOBIGBUCKS Erniepower

    I was curious what you are charging for the post by itself that will fit the XOP seat?
  3. j3hunt
    j3hunt quadro
    Would you sell just the platform?
  4. Carl Craig
    Carl Craig Erniepower
    Ernie , this is Carl Craig saw where you responded to my post earlier. I'm new to the site not sure how to PM yet.
  5. HardWoodRyder
    Saddle: BC Hunter Custom Fleece Saddle
  6. Apex7
    From Pittsburgh Pa
  7. Redfeather
    Redfeather redsquirrel
    HI Red,
    Unfortunately I don't have a link to the ocb I used...
    However; if you have a scuba dive shop near you, you could call and ask for a tank strap with buckle for a bcd ( buoyancy compensating device). It is the vest you add air to to maintain neutral bouyancy.
    I have 2 bcd's and used that for my steps...
    Maybe Amazon...?!?! I'll check into it as I'll have to replace the one I used.
    1. redsquirrel
      I'll look into it also. Thanks!
      Feb 14, 2017
  8. Mike D
    Mike D redsquirrel
    redsquirrel. I am new to the site also, and need to change my member name. I could not find out how. Could you give me some info? Thanks very much. Mike D.
  9. Matthew Pelak
    Matthew Pelak
    I am looking for a scent look vertigo tan hat! I've looked everywhere and can't find one ! Does anyone know were I could find one?
  10. RUTNSTRUT8796
    Land and Wildlife Management Professional: Hunting, Fishing, and Loving Every Day of God's Creatures and Creation
  11. JWP
    JWP Mike Curtis
    I'll take it
  12. j3hunt
    j3hunt trukweaz
    Would you do $90.00 TYD
  13. Xpedition802
    Xpedition802 redsquirrel
    Hi, just wanted to give you a heads up on an ongoing issue at Archerytalk with a guy selling stuff. His username is tkotepen. I'm one of the guys he took payment from but never shipped item. I wanted to give saddlehunter a heads up as I believe the AT moderators are going to not allow him to post there and he may try on other sites.
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    2. redsquirrel
      Thanks for the info!
      Jan 24, 2017
    3. Matthew Pelak
      Matthew Pelak
      I seen that name before! Good to know! Thanks
      Feb 2, 2017
  14. Redfeather
    Redfeather Buckhorn70
    Do you still have the trophy line accessory bag...? I would buy it if you're still thinking of selling it.
  15. nicholas buck
    nicholas buck flinginairos
    Part 2:
    Where you live at in Ohio or out of state. Since all the guys I hunt with are pretty lazy and never scout for ne new spots I was trying to find a guy to do some serious scouting down in SE with before green up
  16. nicholas buck
    nicholas buck flinginairos
    That's not very far from my deer camp at all. I hunt a lot of public in the area too mostly wane nat'l but this year I want to find some solid spots in zeleski. I never hear any good or bad about that place and am curious to checkit out
    1. flinginairos
      No kiddin. I haven't hunted any public around but there is a good bit of it and I'm sure it's good hunting. I was wanting to hit the Shade River forest pretty soon and shed hunt. We have a 160 acre lease that is OK but not great. I may venture off it and hunt some public this year. I live in WV so I have about a 2.5 hr drive over. If you need a scouting partner some time give me a holler and if I can i'll come over!
      Jan 18, 2017
  17. nicholas buck
    nicholas buck flinginairos

    Where you hunt in south east ohio? I am over in Athens county by lake hope
    1. flinginairos
      I am in Meigs Co very close to Forked Run park and right on the Shade River. We also had a place outside of Rutland but lost it due to clear cutting.
      Jan 17, 2017
  18. nicholas buck
    nicholas buck hpdrifter
    Not sure if my last message went through my phone is a pice of crap. Can you send me some pics of the GW you are selling my email address is
  19. Ridge Runner
    Ridge Runner Erniepower
    Erniepower,Hi,this is Ridge runner and I know I am new to this site but I am wondering if you have come up with a price for your kits you are making ?
  20. Ridge Runner
    Ridge Runner
    Ridge Runner, 51,St Louis Missouri.