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Recent content by Aaronpaul14

  1. Aaronpaul14

    Gearhead compound bow

    I have a B20. Pretty same results as flingin. They are awesome bows and great customer service!
  2. Aaronpaul14

    Cruzr posting teasing pics of a platform

    $189.99 just saw on FB.
  3. Aaronpaul14

    Scope under $250 recommendations

    Hey needing a new scope for my 7mag. Don’t really use this anymore for deer since I got my 6.5 but might be taking it elk hunting this fall. What would you guys recommend for under $250? Would like to increase that number but all of the other items I’m picking up don’t think I could manage...
  4. Aaronpaul14

    New saddle on the market

    Where and when can we order?
  5. Aaronpaul14

    Pistol hunting from a saddle

    I really need to be able to block this thread from ever seeing it again. I thought man shooting a deer with a pistol would be cool. Then I looked up pricing on decent pistols that are recommended to do so... I don’t want to venture down that rabbit hole! [emoji23]
  6. Aaronpaul14

    One stick with monarch

    Matt was live for a bit on Facebook today and I think they are beginning assembling them tomorrow. So don’t think any have gone out yet. He said they will probably go live at some point during it to show off all of the details of the monarch.
  7. Aaronpaul14

    Does with fawns?

    I usually pass in bow season but if my freezer needs filled and it’s rifle season I shoot them both.
  8. Aaronpaul14

    Please close: Copper John TST Bow Sight

    Found please close.
  9. Aaronpaul14

    Copper john TST sight

    Hey is this still available?
  10. Aaronpaul14

    Please close: Copper John TST Bow Sight

    Anyone have one laying around before I order a new one?
  11. Aaronpaul14

    WE Berserker

    Not going to lie but your picture looks 100 times better than any of the ones they put out. Quality comes out a lot more in it. More impressed now.
  12. Aaronpaul14

    SH1KAR Monarch

    It looked like Matt put his 5/8 mini strap on the stick.
  13. Aaronpaul14

    Sold: Badlands Diablos Dos

    Sold please close
  14. Aaronpaul14

    Sold: Custom WE Step bag

    Sold please close.
  15. Aaronpaul14

    Sold: Badlands Diablos Dos

    Price drop $200.