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Recent content by Bigterp

  1. Bigterp

    Wear it in?

    I’ve always worn my saddle & haven’t noticed it. Also only have lb attached no pouches or tether. It stays in my pack.
  2. Bigterp

    Deer Processor near Harford Co MD

    Looking for a recommendation for local processor. Someone mentioned KCC Natural farms in Forest Hill. Anyone else?? @Skunkworkx is looking….
  3. Bigterp

    New swinger, MD

    Sorry I do my own, I’ll ask a buddy & see who he uses.
  4. Bigterp

    New swinger, MD

    welcome, harford county here,Near forest hill. Shoot me a msg if you need help getting setup or want to try some stuff out before you buy.
  5. Bigterp

    Nose to the ground Virginia, a free blood trailing and recovery service

  6. Bigterp


    Get after em, sounds awesome
  7. Bigterp

    Getting out of hunting continued pictures

    Could you post prices, description of everything pictured above?
  8. Bigterp

    New member from Maryland

    Welcome from Harford county
  9. Bigterp

    How to rate sellers?

    Seems simple until you have to manage it. There’s a lot of factors to consider; liability, disputes, approval of reviews. All in all scammers stand out & the biggest concern is accounts hacked. What if my 5 star rated account is hacked $ then a handful of people are ripped off before it’s...
  10. Bigterp

    Deer at dawn- to climb or not?

    I had this same issue with one location, I just kept going in earlier & earlier until I beat them there……… climb in & take a nap. You may also come to realize you need a different spot……
  11. Bigterp

    New from Maryland

    Not busting your chops either, I had a decent system that gave me a good bit of extra height & worked well. All it takes is to get sketched out a time or two & you might reevaluate. That’s big guy perspective, there’s guys on here that climb like spider monkeys. I’ll leave that stuff to them. I...
  12. Bigterp

    Howdy from Kentucky

    Welcome from Maryland
  13. Bigterp

    New from Maryland

    Welcome from harford county. I tinkered with aiders chasing a little weight savings & found I’d rather lose a few pounds than try to find it in my setup…….
  14. Bigterp

    Hi All

    Welcome from Maryland
  15. Bigterp


    My season started about 10 days ago, I still haven’t gotten out yet. I’ll get out soon & handle business. We just moved into our new place, getting settled & unpacked. For the first time in my life I can hunt on my place & have a few acres of river bottom.