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    Opinions of QuickFletch

    Depends, do cold toilet seats bother you? Quick fletch is a positive indicator of squatting to pee.
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    Roger that [emoji1420] I’ll change my username to MSNBC since I’ve been spreading misinformation, lol
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    I read it on here.....I thought. Maybe I misread it, lol Good question. I don’t know. I’ve convinced myself that I had read it on here several times so I went the jammy route. Nothing wrong with that at all, mind you, but now I have to spend forever on the search function.
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    I have one, but it’s in my hunting truck and not here in the office with me. If I remember correctly from when I measured it for a buddy of mine it’s 14” deep and 15” wide and weighs about 4.5lbs.
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    Your states department of natural resources

    If it’s accessible by tractor for them to run over it with a bush hog then, while surely aggravating for you this season, it needed to be done to maintain the integrity of the ground. If left a single year here you will have Sweet Gum, Locust and those damned invasive Bradford Pears popping up...
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    I’ve read multiple times to NOT use hollow block with Oplux. I use a simple prussic below as an autoblock. I’m also only running one bridge and clipping the ATC XP to it so I have plenty of room between it and my autoblock.
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    Veteran’s Day Buck

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    I gave in....Crocs

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    What is a lone wolf mini climbing stick

    Very short. Like 14.5-15” between steps. Great to carry, but if you’re man sized they suck as is and need an aider on each stick.
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    TEAM 5 2019

    I’ve been in a buck drought.
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    Live from the saddle 2019

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    I Just Need To Vent

    Do NOT discuss it with the landowner. Chalk it up to “lessons learned” and move on.
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    Agree 100%. I’ll also add to this you can simply walk down the tree at a very slow descent so you never get the feeling of doubt, but it won’t take long before you have enough confidence to simply ride all the way down in one smooth trip.