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Recent content by Dopo87

  1. Dopo87

    Black Friday cell cam deals

    Just my two cents... I purchased three SPYPOINT Link Micros and none of them worked, customer service ran me through a bunch of steps trying to fix them with no luck. I personally do not recommend them.
  2. Dopo87

    2019 Team 2 Thread

    Nice buck!
  3. Dopo87

    2019 Team 2 Thread

    A little late to the party.. Congrats on the kills everyone! First sit of the season for me, hoping things heat up in PA as I have the rest of the archery season off!
  4. Dopo87

    Dump pouches

  5. Dopo87

    Hawk Helium Sticks $99

    Price match still worked today! If anyone is looking to Mod their Helium’s with pre-made amsteel Daisy chains vs the straps the Helium’s come with, contact Trevor Byrd on Facebook messenger, he’s selling them for $15 each Daisy chain including shipping! He’s also now a member on the forum...
  6. Dopo87

    Dump pouches

    Just ordered two, thanks for the input guys!
  7. Dopo87

    Dump pouches

    Perfect! Thank you @DanO!
  8. Dopo87

    Dump pouches

    Thanks for quick reply!
  9. Dopo87

    Dump pouches

    Do the DanO pouches fit on the Mantis?
  10. Dopo87

    2019/2020 Deer Contest Entry

    I’m in!
  11. Dopo87

    Team 2 is #1 - 2018 Thread

    Congratulations @BCHunter! A little late to the party for me here.. was giving forums a back burner as life has been busy. Been a slow season here in PA.. things are looking up though had two nice buck at 70-80 yards and six doe, late this morning. Hoping I can connect to get on the score board!
  12. Dopo87

    2018/2019 Deer Contest Entry

    I’m in.
  13. Dopo87

    a secret

    Any plans for SaddlePalooza 2019?!?? Vacation picks will be here before we know it at work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Dopo87

    a secret

    Can’t wait!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Dopo87

    GIVEAWAY - Free Tethrd Mantis or Predator Platform

    I’m Independent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk