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Recent content by Gorvai

  1. Gorvai

    Wife commenting on stuff...

    I rode like an hour and a half to try the Ventum and the RX5U out Friday. I didn't wanna just mail buy one you know? When I got there the guy took me to the range he has in the back of the store and was like here shoot'em. I shot the Ventum 30 first(he was out of 33s), and I was like wow holy...
  2. Gorvai

    Wife commenting on stuff...

    Elevated II. I do hunt from a blind sometimes but likely it will primarily be from a tree.
  3. Gorvai

    Wife commenting on stuff...

    So today I went and bought a brand new bow. Got a Hoyt RX5 Ultra. Wife's like "We gonna be able to fix my windshield?" ...bro, you're getting a $3000 sign-on bonus for your new job. Gtfo lol
  4. Gorvai

    Wife commenting on stuff...

    I must be blessed. My wife doesn't give me a hard time usually. Only time is when I'm out hunting and she forgets or mystically gets ****ty because the baby gets to wearing on her nerves.
  5. Gorvai

    What Color Camo is This?

    Boredom. :tearsofjoy:
  6. Gorvai

    Orange Ghillie suit?

    You could also get a regular ghillie and use orange marking tape and tie it on it here and there so that the little 'flags' are visible. Just make sure each strip has enough of a tail to be visible. Should work well for deer but a gobbler would probably see you ten miles off.
  7. Gorvai

    What Color Camo is This?

    Be safe over there brother. Hope you come home soon. I did 7 months in the sand box back in 04 and 05.
  8. Gorvai

    Silencing my Mission platform with neoprene.

    I have a neoprene sauna suit that I wear when I work out, as long as I wash it with some gentle detergent and let it hang-dry, it hasn't started to sweat yet and I've peeled it off me like a wet garbage bag before. I would say just make sure you hit it with the water hose real good each time...
  9. Gorvai

    New saddle.

    Thing looks pretty light-weight from over here. Mesh for breathability too, help keep that swampbutt away.
  10. Gorvai

    New saddle hunter in MN

    Welcome from VA!
  11. Gorvai

    Broadheads for faster bows

    I've got some 125s coming in, the pro whitetail specials. Also eyed some of the Simmons BHs, they look brutal and the Mako in particular crushed Lusk's tests. Do I need to change arrows if I get heavier heads?
  12. Gorvai

    Broadheads for faster bows

    Why, what did he do ?
  13. Gorvai

    Hello from North Alabama

    Welcome from Virginia
  14. Gorvai

    Longtime lurker, new user from Michigan

    Welcome from Virginia
  15. Gorvai

    Broadheads for faster bows

    @ssramage I watched a show earlier that mentioned that sometimes a hole will be plugged by diaphragm or guts and won't show hardly any trail. Only thing I can think of.