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Recent content by longbowwoman

  1. longbowwoman

    Sold please close..TETHRD PREDATOR PLATFORM

    Hi. Here’s a TETHRD Predator up for sale. Nice condition. $130 PayPal tyd. Thanks for looking!
  2. longbowwoman

    Sold please close….TETHRD PHANTOM SADDLE

    Hi. I have a size Regular TETHRD Phantom saddle. The guy I bought it from was spray painting his platform and accidentally sprayed the saddle. It’s in excellent working order. Everything works perfectly as it should. It also comes with the 2 Tethrd pouches. You will also get the Tethrd MVP...
  3. longbowwoman


    Hi I have 4 TETHRD Skeletors in excellent condition. You are getting much more than just a set of Skeletors. They come with a retractable aider on all 4 sticks. These also come with 4 brand new chamfered standoffs, for the bottom of each stick, that have never been put on. Even if you have...
  4. longbowwoman

    WTB…. Mathews Stoke

  5. longbowwoman

    WTB…. Mathews Stoke

    Hi. Looking to buy Mathews Stoke bow for my friends boy. Thanks!!!
  6. longbowwoman

    Found please close…...4 SKELETORS and PREDATOR PLATFORM

    Hi I’m lookin to buy 4 Skeletors and a Predator Platform from a known member. Thanks!
  7. longbowwoman

    Went different direction please close…LWCG .5

    Hi. Anyone want to sell a LWCG .5 to me for $400 to my door. Want to buy from a well known or known member. Thank you!
  8. longbowwoman

    Sold please close…EWO COMPLETE ONE STICK SETUP

    Sorry don’t want to separate.
  9. longbowwoman

    Sold please close…EWO COMPLETE ONE STICK SETUP

    Hi. I tried this liked it but prefer sticks. 1) EWO One stick with flat scout 2) sewn in 2 step aider 3) sewn in 3 step aider 4) 40’ canyon rope 5) Madrock Safeguard 6) retrieval line with biner 7) Quick Link $375 tyd PayPal, best price you’ll find one a one stick setup!!!
  10. longbowwoman

    Want to buy…TETHRD recliner or tethrd MVP

    Hi. Does anyone have a TETHRD recliner or mvp at a real good price? Thanks for your time!
  11. longbowwoman


    Hi. I need a One Stick, Madrock safeguard and 30-40’ one sticking rope please. Much appreciated, Thank You!