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Recent content by longbowwoman

  1. longbowwoman

    Sold please close….EXCALIBUR MICRO SUPPRESSOR, Price Drop!

    Hi. This is an Excalibur micro suppressor in excellent condition. Advertised 355fps. Actual 343fps. It comes with Tact Zone illuminated scope, quiver and mount. Also comes with rope cocker and stringing aid. You will also get 4 Zombie Slayer bolts by Black Eagle. Also you will receive 2 pro...
  2. longbowwoman

    Sold please close.CRUZR XC COMPLETE KIT price drop

    A lot of guys askin. Sorry. No trades.
  3. longbowwoman

    Sold please close.NEW 2022 PREDATOR PLATFORM

    Still for sale
  4. longbowwoman

    Sold please close.NEW 2022 PREDATOR PLATFORM

    Hi. This is a new Predator platform. It is the regular size. I just bought this and tested on a tree. Never had a chance to use it. Perfect new condition. $130 PayPal tyd.
  5. longbowwoman

    Sold please close.CRUZR XC COMPLETE KIT price drop

    Hi. This is a brand new, size 1 CRUZR XC that I just bought. You can see by date on saddle in pic. Brand new lineman’s rope and new tree tether. I upgraded both new ropes to have Ropeman 1’s on them. Carabiners we’re added also. These just came with Prussik knots so I upgraded these to perform...
  6. longbowwoman

    Sold please close….EWO RING OF STEPS with OCB buckle

    Hi. This is in excellent condition Eastern Woods Outdoors Ring of steps. 5 squirrel steps and one sewn 7’ Ring of Steps strap with OCB buckle. This setup normally costs $140. I’m selling for $75 tyd PayPal. Thanks for looking!
  7. longbowwoman


    Hi. This is a 2 month old Ravin R26X crossbow in excellent condition. It comes with everything you see in pics. Crossbow, scope, quiver, crank and 6 bolts. It has never been registered. It has been shot very little because I prefer my vertical bow which I used exclusively for this hunting...