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Recent content by Loopwing

  1. Loopwing

    please close - Eberlestock Large Pouch and Chest Mount Kit

    Pm sent earlier this morning.
  2. Loopwing

    Bow or gun???

    Depends on where you hunt. Do you have a better chance with a bow or gun? Are you trying to fill the freezer? Just like our whole sport it is all personal preference. I am a freezer filler, as soon as I can reach out a little farther I reach for the gun. I hunt archery because it gives me more...
  3. Loopwing

    SOLD...... OOAL Solo Scout $65 TYD or trade

  4. Loopwing

    One stick bridge

    What Bigterp said!!!!!!!!
  5. Loopwing

    Saddle hunting with a muzzleloader

    Load at the truck, get to height, insert primer, shoot deer, field dress and head home. Repeat next weekend.
  6. Loopwing

    One stick bridge

    I haven't been one sticking for long, but I don't understand your question? Use the bridge that is on your saddle.
  7. Loopwing

    Hawk Helium Changes

    I know you like the full length, but the best thing I did with my hawk. Cut it down to 15", installed a cam, a 2 step aider and started one sticking and rappelling down I walked out of the woods this weekend and talked to a guy for 15 minutes. He then asked if I was ground hunting. I turned...
  8. Loopwing

    SOLD...... OOAL Solo Scout $65 TYD or trade

  9. Loopwing

    In Defense Of The Safeguard

    You kinda missed the point, but yeah not trying to make a buck off of a friend. I was saying selling something in general. It is capitalism and they are sold for what a consumer will pay, not what it is worth. Are you not going to sell to the first person saying I will take it, because they are...
  10. Loopwing

    In Defense Of The Safeguard

    I agree and I keep saying we do it to ourselves. If WE don't pay the inflated prices, no one will sell them at inflated prices. On the other hand if I can make something and you want to pay me a 400% mark up or more, who am I to say no. Someone just throws the price out there, no one has to...
  11. Loopwing

    Breakin' the Law!! Breakin' the Law!!

    Yep, straight cuts are damning, but limbs BREAK everyday. I can't think of a day I didn't cut, I mean a limb broke while I was setting up.
  12. Loopwing

    SOLD...... OOAL Solo Scout $65 TYD or trade

  13. Loopwing

    SOLD...... OOAL Solo Scout $65 TYD or trade

    Catch and release for me. I received this Thursday from another member, hunted on it this morning. My feet are way to big for it. I am open to trades with extra cash on my end if need be. I am unsure what I really need, the worse I can say in no.
  14. Loopwing

    Hawk helium cam cleat

    Yeah, I cut a helium down, moved the steps, added some EWO brackets, and a cam cleat. I made a full bury of Amsteel. I didn't drill the stick for the cam cleat. I just used the holes on the left side of the stick. You can do pretty much anything you want to any stick, just takes creativity and...
  15. Loopwing

    2 people one tree

    There are some custom saddle builders on here. I am sure someone could make you one big double seated saddle.