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Recent content by Paraiso

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    Got Lucky in KY

    Great deer! If you get a chance, let's hear the story. Any history with it? Did you have his pattern down the last couple of days or weeks? How did your setup on him? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Please do not overlook this

    Good thread and good reminder. I like to do several practice runs before season. Everything, including the drive to a spot and climb. I do this a few times before the opener and turn it in to a scouting/glassing trip by picking a spot far enough away from the deer. I always find a few things to...
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    WTB PSE Omen cams, 30"

    Looking to buy a set of PSE Omen cams, 30". I could probably make 29.5 work as well. Anybody have an old set laying around, or know where I could pick some up? Thanks!
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    Sewing Machine Deals for the DIY Guys

    That's the machine I run. It has easily sewed anything I put in it from heavy materials to finicky layers of thin materials. I bought it on a whim and really like it.
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    Recon Sling Revamp

    Those look like great mods to the recon. Thanks for sharing!
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    Anyone using a recon saddle?

    Add me to the list of happy Recon users. I bought it because of this sentence in the description, " Give it a try and if you’re not completely satisfied, ship it back for a full refund of the purchase price." I did not think it would be for me, and I was wrong. I am one of those who can be...
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    OOAL Ridge Runner XL

    OOAL seems to know exactly how to continually take my money. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Going from ROS to Platform

    I use and like both. A boot with a stiff sole helps my feet with both a platform and ROS, but even more so with the ROS. I wouldn't sell them until you find you like the platform.
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    I have one Beast stick I'd like to trade for a Solo Scout. This stick was put on a tree in my backyard one time to test it out. I figured I'd give this a shot before I buy one from OOAL. Thanks!
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    Sewing Resources and Information

    That was the shop I originally ordered from. They are now out of the Tera and only have other Gutermann threads. It is definitely hard to find.
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    Sewing Resources and Information

    You are correct. I am looking for the Guttermann Tera 20 or 15. Unfortunately the thread exchange doesn't carry it.
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    Sewing Resources and Information

    Does anybody know where I can pick up some Tera 20 (or 15) thread? I bought some on Etsy a while ago and now I can't find it anywhere. It's the best thread I've used and I much prefer the heavier Tera thread for some projects. Thanks! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Recon review

    Thanks for the review. I've had one for a while and agree with everything you said. I remember seeing the wraptor thread and had no idea how comfortable a sling style would be for me. I bought the recon thinking I would probably use the 30-day return policy. I couldn't have been more wrong...
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    Saddle hunter watches as kestrel makes love to phantom and gives birth on his dining room table (GRAPHIC)

    I was right there with you. I had no idea why it was so bad. I sat in the first one for about 15 minutes and knew I wouldn't be using that thing at all.