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Recent content by Sziggy2.0

  1. Sziggy2.0

    New from Mpls, MN

    Welcome from Iowa. Unless you have the thread injecting equipment (sewing machine) already you will not save any money trying to do a DIY saddle unless you go with fleece saddle or something along those lines. Just buy a commercial saddle. Check the sewing info threads and if you still decide...
  2. Sziggy2.0

    A New (Old hunter) to Saddle Hunting - from NC

    Welcome from Iowa. I wish I had learned this method of hunting years ago as well.
  3. Sziggy2.0

    Grateful New Member From VA

    Welcome from Iowa.
  4. Sziggy2.0

    Sewing Resources and Information

    Looks like it does slightly better stitches with the regular presser foot. Do you agree? Is that the consew servo motor? It looks like that is the ticket. Great control and power. How many layers of webbing have you tried sewing?
  5. Sziggy2.0

    In Honor Of Memorial Day

    Amen to that!
  6. Sziggy2.0

    Amsteel 2 Step Aider Build Along

    Good job. Watched the video last night. How does it feel on the foot?
  7. Sziggy2.0

    New guy in Colorado...

    Welcome from Iowa. What part of Colorado do you hail from?
  8. Sziggy2.0

    Community Saddle (Where's Sally?)

    Ok, got to spend a little time with Sally. First off I want to thank @always89y for coming up with this idea and sending her out. Great idea and fun. Wish I had thought of it as this is going to be a great addition to any man cave and a great conversation starter. Great job on Sally, with the...
  9. Sziggy2.0

    Sewing Resources and Information

    Uh....no not a machinist and that sounds like it would be more trouble than it's worth. Thanks for the post on needle sizes. That helps.
  10. Sziggy2.0

    Sewing Resources and Information

    Sorry, 238 was a typo I meant 138.
  11. Sziggy2.0

    Sewing Resources and Information

    Ok, now I remember it. Do you think any other machines could be modified similar to this to run bigger thread? I have run v92 thread through my MW 15 clone and works great but was curious if I could get 238 to work?
  12. Sziggy2.0

    Sewing Resources and Information

    Did you post that video on here? Your channel? I have used Sgt. Knots and have been happy with the products and service.
  13. Sziggy2.0

    Community Saddle (Where's Sally?)

    Got Sally in the mail last night. Give me a couple of days to spend some hang time and I'll send her on her way. This is really cool. Great job @always89y . I'll post some more in a couple days whem I send her to the next guy.
  14. Sziggy2.0

    New to saddle hunting from Kentucky

    Welcome from Iowa.
  15. Sziggy2.0

    Hunting in Iowa?

    I live in the western part of the state. The deer numbers are good in most areas. Some areas just got hit with EHD again this past year, mostly south central Iowa. That would not necessarily change my plans to hunt those areas though. Are you planning on public land only?