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  1. Sziggy2.0

    HELP Just single lunged a buck

    I am no expert, but I would wait till morning. When I have tried to blood trail late at night it never seems to work out, I have just bumped the deer. Coyotes are definitely a concern here as well. It sucks, its gonna be a long night. Wish you luck.
  2. Sziggy2.0

    Burned Out!!! Tips?

    Agree with @kyler1945 but just do it wisely, and that will come with doing as well. Try to plan your walks into the wind if possible. Walk slowly, plan to walk to areas that you think will be productive. Terrain features etc. I started doing this during the last couple seasons and along with...
  3. Sziggy2.0

    Pulled the trigger

    I have the predator, mantis, and hawk heliums. I think you will really like the mantis and predator. I have used a podium and prefer the predator. Now the hard part, waiting.
  4. Sziggy2.0

    Team 3 2019

    @ARERHODES that's a great deer. Congrats!
  5. Sziggy2.0

    Team 3 2019

    Went out this afternoon and had two does mill around feeding just out of bow range for 40 minutes then just walk away. Doe hunting is real different. Back at it tomorrow.
  6. Sziggy2.0

    New from Michigan

    Welcome to the madness, this is a great site for learning. @DanO has eastern woods outdoors website. Has some great stuff when you decide to start building your kit. Excellent service and prices. Once you start hunting out of a saddle you wont go back.
  7. Sziggy2.0

    Team 3 2019

    I still have a doe tag, so I'll be out tomorrow and this weekend. I plan on hunting food sources and trails/travel corridors between food and bedding. Any other suggestions?
  8. Sziggy2.0

    Team 3 2019

    Hang in there team 3. If there is still time in your season just push as hard as you can. Keep things in perspective, as it sounds like you guys are, your family, job etc. are more important. The deer kick all of our butts at times. It is a hobby for us but a matter of life and death for them.
  9. Sziggy2.0

    Best Bang for the Buck in Base Layers?

    Get merino, their base layers so don't need to be camo. I have got some from scentblocker, pnuma, and just some off amazon. You can get some decent sets off amazon in OD that work just fine.
  10. Sziggy2.0

    Thoughts on keeping warm

    @Nutterbuster I am most interested in what brand of antiperspirant you use on your feet? Do you buy something special?
  11. Sziggy2.0

    Thoughts on keeping warm

    I had this problem for years. Finally got lasik last February and love it. Check to see if it is right for you. There is no other way to avoid fogged glasses that I have found.
  12. Sziggy2.0

    Iowa bound

    Congratulations @Silvio on a great hunt. Glad Iowa was good to you.
  13. Sziggy2.0

    2019 Hunting Season Bonehead Moves

    Yes, that was my 2018 season.
  14. Sziggy2.0

    2019 Hunting Season Bonehead Moves

    Friday morning I hunted till about 11,saw several deer but not any bucks of size. I decided to get down and walk a mile more into the public place I was on. I found a good funnel when I scouted this place in the summer. It is a creek and a pond dam that make the funnel, I get on the trail that...