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Recent content by TooheyBirdie

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    Recommended stick carry with a meat hauler style pack

    Nice.. yeah if you strap a one stick with a UP on top you'll have even more room... forgot to mention that I carry my Predator platform in the meat shelf as well.. so I have that and my bibs in the meat shelf.. jacket in the bag... and sticks on the back of the pack... i typically go in with 3...
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    Recommended stick carry with a meat hauler style pack

    yup.. they extend out quite a ways and they reach with the pack completely full and with the sanctuary bibs in the meat shelf.. i actually also have the MR extensions but I got those back when i built a holster for WE steps.. but i was thinking about adding those if I start bringing filming...
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    Recommended stick carry with a meat hauler style pack

    Popup 28 w/ 3 beast minis... i can fit my sanctuary bibs in the meat hauler and the samctuary jacket in the pack.
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    Its offical now.

    And so it begins.....hahahaha
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    Pant color in the field, which do you choose?

    not possible... Which FL pants?... I've got corrugate guide pants and am in my 3rd season... they're still in great shape
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    Faster Than Rappelling! New descending method!

    Is this not how we all get down?
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    What is the lightest 24” stick made?

    Beast or EWO featherweight would be my guess.. most LW climbing sticks are 20"
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    Latitude method 2 bridge and lm rope adjustment

    Bridge bites down pretty hard... i rarely move mine so it's not a huge issue, but yeah.. once you weight it, you pretty much have to use 2 hands to break the prussic and move.. I was thinking of changing mine out for C-IV or canyon elite... mostly because I've run out of things to tinker with.
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    First Lite KitLink with the Saddle?

    I don't think the intent of the design is to allow for a bridge to go through... I'm not sure if there's a high percentage of people who run a detachable bridge which would be required to do this. I think a better response would be to have said that the kitlink is intended to be a passthrough to...
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    First Lite KitLink with the Saddle?

    Do you run a carabiner on your bridge?... only way I can think to do this... but I got my sanctuary jacket this year as well and I agree... it's AWESOME...wish I held out on the sanctuary bibs until the 2.0s came out
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    2023 goals

    Man I've got a month of season left and haven't filled my second tag which was my goal this year... so I can't think beyond now
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    Tethrd pack

    That's me in MN as well... I play the wind so I don't care about the scent but I don't want to sweat, get wet, then cool off while wet.... I walked in the other day 14 degrees wearing my kiln and furnace top, kiln and furnace bottom with light pants.... put the heavy stuff on at the tree
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    Tethrd pack

    So I really like the look and utility of this pack... would work well down south but I don't think I could justify buying it in Southern MN when I'd need the ability to hold additional clothing by late October... I already have a pop up 28 and not sure I could justify 3-400$ for the month to...
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    "Wasting" Meat

    .... haha....we soared the mood...
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    "Wasting" Meat

    Haha... I think we're all in that boat... understanding this stuff at a superficial level but how stuff actually works....yeah not so much...haha.... if we want to go to the extremes we could even argue that these processes will continue to go on long after our species is gone and nature's...