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Search results

  1. cincyprostheticguy

    Vpa 10% broadheads

    10% off VPA broadheads
  2. cincyprostheticguy

    Saddle hunting clothing ?

    Whats hunting clothing is out there specifically for the saddle hunters? Anything made in USA? I have to replace my bibs this year and may just go with pants but haven't decided..
  3. cincyprostheticguy

    One sticking roll pouch vs dump pouch or?

    What has been your best method of carrying your ropes and such for one stick.. what you liked or didnt like? Thanks
  4. cincyprostheticguy

    Aider for wingman

    Anyone have any advice on what aider to put on trophyline wingman? Amsteel or ultimater? All input greatly appreciated
  5. cincyprostheticguy

    Overwatch outdoors transformer vs orion

    Looking for feedback from those who have or had both of these saddles by overwatch and which they preferred and why? What size?
  6. cincyprostheticguy

    Best saddle?

    Before i buy a saddle id your input. I have no experience with a saddle so what have you tried that was above all else? What didnt work?
  7. cincyprostheticguy

    New to saddle.. flat branch?

    I have net purchased a saddle yet and have been really looking at the flatbranch outdoors solitude 2.0.. any suggestions?
  8. cincyprostheticguy

    New from Indiana. one stick?

    Looking to get into saddle hunting and really intrested in one stick climbing method