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  1. thenickgann

    First Kill

    Here it is ladies... first saddle kill, and first archery kill. Going to make another post about processing...
  2. thenickgann

    Mantis... more like Magic!

    This thing is sweet. As others have said, very lightweight and compact. As I am new to saddle hunting, giving any valid comparisons wouldn't be possible. Suffice to say that coming from the hunting world, and then the ultralight backpacking world (somewhat separately) this marries those two...
  3. thenickgann

    The Hunter: Call of the wild

    Anyone play this game? Have debated about buying it... But it got me to thinking, someone should make a saddle hunting mod for it!
  4. thenickgann

    Mantis and retainers

    With a Mantis on the way, I am looking into things to retain the extra webbing left after creating proper fitment... I saw someone post about webbing retainers that looked elastic, but I can't find the post again or what term to use when trying to purchase some. Any help is appreciated.
  5. thenickgann

    Wild Edge Stepps - How are you carrying?

    Are there any folks that have created or found a better solution for carrying in/stowing away the Wild Edge Stepps? Something that fits on your harness, or in your backpack or? Just looking to see whats around...
  6. thenickgann

    W.E. Stepps and rope length

    Can anyone show me or point me to possible rope modifications, mostly pertaining to length of stock rope but willing to look at other rope options that are available. Even ropes that are manufactured aftermarket by someone here. Can the existing ropes be cut shorter and burned without...
  7. thenickgann

    Wild Edge to the top!

    Received my Wild Edge Stepps yesterday... been playing around on this here electrical pole! Added the sticker to my helmet!
  8. thenickgann

    Ropeman 1 :(

    I am a sad boy... in anticipation of my mantis' arrival I made some amazon purchases, one of which was a ropeman 1. I got a sweetheart of a deal at 35$ with free 2 day shipping on a blue one. There in lies the problem... I mistakenly only bought 1 and now the price has gone back up to 45$ and 6$...