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Search results

  1. Hall17

    Badlands Monster Fanny $80

  2. Hall17

    Wtb EDP Platform

    Looking to buy an EDP Or trade a Mission straight up
  3. Hall17

    WTB Flat Scout Platform

    Looking for a flat scout. For 1” stick Thank you
  4. Hall17

    FOR SALE - ROS - Battle Belt - Water Bottle Pouches

    FOR SALE: All prices TYD via PP FF or you pay the fees Rothco Water Bottle Pouches - $15 each ROS - Bullman with ratchet strap - $45 Battle Belt - $15 (Free with any other purchase if you want it)
  5. Hall17

    WTB Single Bevel BH

    Looking for something in the 125gr area. Before I bought something new I figured I'd check here first. Thank you!
  6. Hall17

    Badlands Mag Bino Harness

    FOR SALE - $85 TYD PayPal FF or you pay the fees. * Magnetic close * Makes for an awesome turkey chest rig * Hydration mesh has been removed so I could keep my license in that space
  7. Hall17

    Give this a home - H2 Saddle For Sale $100!!!

    H2 Saddle (Size 2 or M) $110 TYD - has webbing bridge ***Price is TYD PayPal FF or you pay the fees*** If you have any additional questions please send me a PM and I will be more than happy to text more pictures or take a phone call.
  8. Hall17

    Red Beard's Knives

    If you have not already you should really think about getting yourself one of @Red Beard knives. If you are anything like me you've accumulated so many knives in your life the last thing you think you need is another knife. I started giving away all my cheaper knives that I never use to friends...
  9. Hall17

    Snow Goose Hearts

    After dropping the little guy off at daycare the other day I saw a bunch of snow's landing on my buddy's farm. Grabbed the gun and make a little sneak. Couldn't get as close as I wanted but managed four which is probably a good thing. If you ever cleaned 40+ snow's at one time you know beer and...
  10. Hall17

    Fried Squirrel Legs

    February is one of those months where if we get a nice 50 degree day you better believe I am headed out for some Squirrel hunting and deer scouting. Today was just that. Dropped the kiddo off at daycare and up in the saddle I went. Took the .22 mag which is my go to and saw plenty. Shot 3 but...
  11. Hall17

    Badlands Pyre Bibs XL - Brand New **LOWER PRICE**

    Badlands Pyre bibs in size XL - bought 3 months ago and worn two times. These are $380 brand new and I am selling them for $250 TYD
  12. Hall17

    Harrisburg, Pa Outdoor Show - Great American Outdoor Show

    Who's attending and do you know what day? I am headed there sometime Monday-Friday next week. Only a 25-35 minute drive from me and I am interested to see what saddle companies are there and check some of this newer stuff out in person.
  13. Hall17

    Replacing bridge, what is your favorite?

    Looking at options to replace my stock Cruzr bridge. I have a webbing bridge on my backup Kite that is ok but I do prefer a rope bridge with a TRC 6mm double fisherman's to adjust it. For the rope bridge people, what is your favorite? I will admit I am not a huge Amsteel guy. Also, does Cruzr...
  14. Hall17

    SOLD - Custom Painted Ridge Runner For Sale $125

    $125 to your door. Friends and Family or you pay the fees
  15. Hall17

    Central Pennsylvania - 2022 Meet Up

    @CoryT @SHF Hunter @goody94 @treefox 1 @98XJRC @phatkaw @Kyle Hey @Marmuzz @waynedawg51 @longbowwoman I know I missed some PA people so please add to the list if you know anyone. Figured we could get this kicked off now so come early spring we could do a meet up. We have people...
  16. Hall17


    Bought new a few years ago. Used mainly for rifle season till this year when I used it everyday for saddle hunting. Great pack that will hold everything you need. Will not come with hydration bladder unless you want it. Figured I have been using it for years no reason anyone else would want my...
  17. Hall17


    Bought this brand new. Used a few seasons and transitioned to a single pin.
  18. Hall17


    Looking for an EDP. If you have one you are looking to sell let me know. Thank you
  19. Hall17

    40% Off Sitka

    Cyber Monday deal. Not all items but maybe something you might need
  20. Hall17

    Should I keep my Mission?

    This was the first platform I bought a few months back. Love the thing! Its a great transition for me coming from a treestand. However, the more I hunt the more I use ROS and the Perch. I don't want to rush into selling it but I just don't see myself using it at this point. This started when I...