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  1. waynedawg51

    Opening Day Gun in PA

    Pulled into parking area for access area to Michaux. Never in my 55 years of hunting the general area have I seen that many vehicles at that spot. Walking into the area I want to hunt is an old logging road and there are litteraly cat eyes along the road marking the road???? Mind you my spot for...
  2. waynedawg51


    Nice one
  3. waynedawg51

    WTB: Vortex Binocular Harness Strap

    Rick Young Outdoors https://rickyoungoutdoors.com/basic-ultra-light-bino-harness/ I have this one and it works. Multiple ways to carry and it weighs nothing.
  4. waynedawg51

    Leafy Suit

    I have the ASAT suit and usually only wear the jacket and face mask. Where I hunt the pants would be shredded till I got to my hunting spot(s)
  5. waynedawg51


    Never stopped raining here long enough to get out. Have to wait till Monday now
  6. waynedawg51


    Looks like tomorrow morning will be a wash out for me. Afternoon looks a little better. Anxious to get after it.
  7. waynedawg51

    New Member from Western PA

    Welcome from Adams County
  8. waynedawg51

    Pacseat mods: Putting the 'pack' in Pacseat, & other things

    Took @Redbeard mod to the pacseat and maybe improved it a little. Sewed a sleeve put it on the leg and then sewed the bottom end shut. Now I can put my game bag(s) inside and not have to worry where they are. I think this will work for a pack out
  9. waynedawg51


    Hunting all PA. Had thoughts of maybe getting a MD license and slipping across the border
  10. waynedawg51

    Camouflaging trail cams

    10 to 12 feet in a tree works for me. How many times you walk through the woods looking up unless squirrel hunting?
  11. waynedawg51

    2022 Contest Entry Thread

    I'm in
  12. waynedawg51

    Yet another newbie from PA

    Welcome from AdamsCounty. headed to a meet up tomorrow at Muddy Run Park in Lancaster/York County. If you could make it , you can get all inds of ideas/advice. Lots of know how
  13. waynedawg51

    Central Pennsylvania - 2022 Meet Up

    I'll have Wild Edge Steps (5), one stick setup, several saddles, DRT/SRT setup, and anything else I can think of to bring
  14. waynedawg51

    Biting the bullet

    You are going to loves it. It is the most versatile seat I have ever used. It's actually tough to stay awake when things are a little slow lol
  15. waynedawg51

    Zeal Team 1 team room

    Well my season is over. Was unable to connect late season flintlock. Sorry fellows, no more points for me.
  16. waynedawg51

    Central Pennsylvania - 2022 Meet Up

    I'll be there
  17. waynedawg51

    Central Pennsylvania - 2022 Meet Up

    I'm in. Have saddle will travel.
  18. waynedawg51

    Zeal Team 1 team room

    I have flintlock season starting after Christmas. Always tough but hope to add a few more points to the board
  19. waynedawg51

    Adding additional strap to one stick at hunting height.

    I built a stick from an old lone wolf stick cut to 12", EWO stand-off, EWO double step on the bottom and an EWO UP platform on the top of the stick. That thing is rock solid. I have gone completely around the back side of the tree, pushing against the stick, and it never moves. I can't get that...