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  1. gcr0003

    Mystery Ranch Popup 28 and 38 Talk

    I know this is a pack that’s been out for a while now but I wanted to put some thoughts and questions together here as I start to set up and learn to use this pack. I didn’t see a review thread specific to this pack but would be happy to merge with another thread if I missed it. I got it...
  2. gcr0003

    Arm guard, compression sleeve, or DIY?

    I hadn't had a need for an arm gaurd nor a desire to wear one until it started getting cold and I found out that depending on how I was twisted the string could catch my sleeve when shooting. I haven't noticed it throwing the trajectory off but it can sometimes create louder string noise as it...
  3. gcr0003

    Traditional Arras in the rain

    What is the reason why guys don't hunt in the rain with traditional gear, something about the natural fletchings getting messed up when wet? Wouldn't a properly tuned arrow still fly tru even if the fletchings get wet? We have a bunch of rain coming this weekend and I don't get enough days to...
  4. gcr0003

    Faster Than Rappelling! New descending method!

    https://youtube.com/shorts/L_H5Q-fjIU4?feature=share I for one, am SOLD!
  5. gcr0003

    Kuiu Yukon Storm Shell/Rain Jacket?

    Does anyone have experience with this rain jacket? I just bought a black Diamond Storm Shell and love it. I put it through 10 days of rain and didn’t get wet at all. The only exception was for the chest pocket isn’t taped on the bottom and therefore leaks a little after hours of rain. I’m...
  6. gcr0003

    Elite Synergy Package LH

    2016 Elite Synergy Left Handed- Realtree Camo Draw length is 29 or 29.5” Trophy Ridge React 5 sight Trophy Ridge Quiver QAD drop away rest Trophy Ridge and another stabilizer can’t remember the name Will include 3x 340 spine Gold Tip Hunter XT shafts with g5 Montec Broadheads. Scott Archery...
  7. gcr0003

    Scouting Conversation and plenty of Questions

    My goal for this year is to get a kill with a traditional bow so Im not necessarily going to be targeting specific or big bucks, though as I scout if I pick up information leading to or supporting figuring out decent bucks im not going to pass it up. I want to find where the does and small bucks...
  8. gcr0003

    Traditional Tips

    I was looking for a new glove and ended up buying one from Kustom Kings Traditional archery store online. I just found them recently so I’m giving them a try. Well I was checking out their site when I came across “Tim’s Traditional Tips.” I think it had a lot of solid tips both for hunting and...
  9. gcr0003

    5x (3/4”) Squirrel Steps on OCB $100 (SOLD) Please close

    PayPal F&F or add $5
  10. gcr0003

    2TC Video Playlist

    I have pulled all the 2TC (Two Tether Climbing) Videos from the main 2TC thread and added them to a YouTube playlist based on suggestions. The link to the playlist is below and I will be adding them to that playlist. If you have any 2TC videos you would like added to this playlist, just PM me a...
  11. gcr0003

    Climbing, Pack On or Off?

    If you haven’t noticed I’m wearing out this poor poll button. Humor me one more again as I approach opening day Saturday. If’n you’re still inclined to climb a tree at all, like so many of us saddle hunters are. Do you do it with the pack on or off? If you climb with your pack on tell us: 1...
  12. gcr0003

    How hi can I get with stiks

    I have three climbing stics. How hi can I get with them? I’m hoping I can get 25-30ft. Thx
  13. gcr0003

    Let’s talk GPP for Traditional Bows + Poll

    If you’ve kept up with my non-sense in the ‘one-shot everyone knows the rules’ thread, you’ll know I that I got a new #55 bow that I was hoping to using existing pre-cut 300 spine arrows with. Do to the ‘to-center’ cut of the riser, the 300 spine, 650 gr TAW arrows were still over-spined for for...
  14. gcr0003

    Mapping Waypoints and Attaching Photos

    I use OnX primarily despite being generally displeased by their quality or age of their satelite images (save that for another thread). When I’m scouting I’ll typically have to pull out my phone, pull up the app, mark my the location, edit the location, change the waypoint to the appropriate...
  15. gcr0003

    Thoughts on upgrades to M1 Carrier

    @4090Sharps do you have any experience with sewing zippers? I’m considering retrofitting my M1 carrier with zippers like the F1 carrier has so It can attach using the zippers that it has on its sides. If I’m adding 1/2 of the zipper to each side it would have to be the same zipper they are...
  16. gcr0003

    Molle Pouches/bags for Packs

    https://saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?threads/molle-panel-for-mr-pop-up-28.47263/ This thread has me considering using the eberlstock m1 frame pack I picked up used last year and adding some simple molle pouches/bags to add to the molle panel that was included. The thing is, I don’t...
  17. gcr0003

    Bitzenburger Fletching Jig with Left Helical Clamp

    $80 TYD PayPal F&F or $84 G&S Or PM me with offers or trades
  18. gcr0003

    Feather and Fletching Talk (w/ Poll)

    So when I got into traditional archery I was shooting right handed and therefore the standard right wing feathers I fletched my arrows with made sense (even though I didn’t care either way). Now that I’m fully committed to left hand for about two years now I thought it was about time that I...
  19. gcr0003

    (7) 200gr Grizzlystick Samurai Right Single Bevel Broadheads (SOLD) please close

    I’m left handed so I’m wanting to get some left bevel Broadheads instead. I have shot one or two of these into a foam target but never into a deer or ground. You’ll likely need to sharpen them yourself as many of them I have not even taken out of the original packing. (7) Seven Right Bevel...
  20. gcr0003

    Hunting Scrapes on old logging roads

    There are two maybe 1/8 mile roads that get scraped up real good the first two weeks of October. I got a lot of real good bucks going through there in years past but I waited too long to set up on them and they always dry up around mid October (possibly due to hunting pressure) There are minimal...