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  1. DanO

    5.5lb climbing, platforming, & descending package - Solo Scout

    I believe this should be available again sometime in January.
  2. DanO

    Michigan Meet Up - BBQ 8/27

    Scheduled to be out West on vacation the end of August, but if that falls through I'll be there.
  3. DanO

    Aider advice on EWO one stick.

    I've been using the sewn aiders for a few years now and switched from a 2-step 22" to a 3-step 18" last season. I'm 6'5", so able to stretch out the steps some, but really recommend the 3-step aiders with shorter steps. If you don't need the adjustability, go with the sewn. If you are unsure of...
  4. DanO

    Rappelling & pack up after hunt time

    From the moment I decide to come down to walking it is about 10-12 minutes most times. I ascend, hang, and rappel with the Safeguard so after I lower my weapon with my pull-down line I stash my gear strap and lower my backpack with my rappel line. Then rappel down to my one-stick and roll-up my...
  5. DanO

    Athletic fit hunting pants?

    King's Camo Preacher pants when you can get them on sale. Bonus is they have the removable knee pads which are great. Can't find the Wrangler ones in tall sizes otherwise I'd be all over those.
  6. DanO

    New from Michigan

    Welcome from Lapeer county!
  7. DanO

    Michigan Meet up. *New date*. May 7th. 2022

    I have a son graduating from WMU on April 30th, might still be able to make a morning event though. I'm out for May 7th, however, someone else from EWO might be able to bring some stuff over to play with.
  8. DanO

    Aider on a strap step ?

    6061 T6 Aluminum. We thought about marketing a SquirrelStep with an aider connection off the end. We haven't tested that but I could test it this week.
  9. DanO

    New Michigan

    Welcome from SE Michigan!
  10. DanO

    Beard survey.

    Haven't shaved since the early 90s. Did the "yeard" back in 2014 and since then I typically trim short in early summer and let it go until the next summer. Haven't trimmed it much in a couple years now though, but might this summer.
  11. DanO

    Saddle hunters support thread.

    I'm DanO - nice to meet you @tailgunner If you're ever in Michigan let me know!
  12. DanO

    Saddlepalooza '22

    Hope we don't mess up anyone's plans, but I don't think we're going to head down this year. Its a 16 hour drive and from my last post it doesn't seem like there will be a big crowd. We'll give away a few gift cards on Saturday the 19th if someone wants to give us a call and coordinate that.
  13. DanO

    Saddlepalooza '22

    Anyone have a count of how many are going? Do we have a group reservation at the campground or just individual?
  14. DanO

    Saddlepalooza '22

    EWO might be able to make the trip down.
  15. DanO

    All day sits and pooping

    That's why we rappel down and then SRT back up! :)
  16. DanO

    2021 Contest Entry Thread

    I'm in
  17. DanO

    Castration Bands

    Anyone that needs a few extras can request some be added to an order for free. Now don't go asking for 100, but if you need 3-4, no problem, just put it in the comments and we'll include them for free.
  18. DanO


    The Amsteel Guy and I were chatting at the Mobile Hunters Expo recently and tossed the idea around to host an event at his place in Saginaw. If there's interest, we might be able to pull something off in early September.
  19. DanO

    SRT Climbing - Anchors, Hitches, Configurations

    TESLA??? :angry: You should know I'm 100% a truck guy! :D
  20. DanO

    2021 WI Saddle Hunter Meetup - August 28th

    Yes sir! Will have a couple styles of SquirrelSteps to look at.