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  1. Jeager01

    Does anyone miss the SaddleHunter podcast

    Love listening to hunting podcast. Who is your favorite podcast if you listen to them and why. What podcast do you think help your hunting season or could help new comers to hunting
  2. Jeager01

    What makes a great deer hunter.

    Here we go. Hunter 1- tags out every year with average to mature bucks. Hunter 2 - kills 6 does every year only The question digs into the different views on who is considered a better hunter. This was a topic that was brought up years ago with some friends so I would like to get some more...
  3. Jeager01

    How do you get in the contest and rules.

    I’m having trouble finding what and how to do the contest when it’s time to do it this coming year. Thanks for any help. Like the rules teams or single. It’s sounds fun and would love to give it a try. How many from Alabama have been it in contest and need info please
  4. Jeager01

    Just became a full member.

    Hi guys nice to be apart of a great community. Got a good question here. Has anyone every talked about hunting out of state public lands and the ends and out.