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  1. Jimdude

    Madrock safeguard spring broke

    The spring in my safeguard must have broke. I guess it’s just a lifeguard now. Anyone have this happen?
  2. Jimdude

    Scent free gun oil???

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good scent free gun oil or cleaning products. I hate the smell of gun oils myself, so this would not only be for the deer but me too. Thanks
  3. Jimdude

    New JX3 SOLD please close.

    2 Februarys ago I bought my first 2 saddles, a JX3 and a dryad drey. I ended up finding a giant buck when scouting that summer and he was way, way out there, so I went super light on equipment. I hung on to the JX3 thinking I might use it as a Turkey seat but never ended up doing that either. I...
  4. Jimdude

    The BOB one stick

    For those of you interested in the BOB STICK.
  5. Jimdude

    Tactacam reveal x on sale

    Tactacam reveal x are on sale 2 pack for 199.99
  6. Jimdude

    Anyone using a Petzl rollclip?

    Just curious if anyone has experience using a rollclip for their bridge connection. There was some talk about it last year but seemed to fizzle out. I was thinking my amsteel bridge would last forever with a roller. Can anyone share their experience with them? Thanks
  7. Jimdude


    Fellow hunters, we are under attack here in NJ & PA! The tree hugger group “the Sierra Club” a national club, is pushing along with state officials in NJ AND PA, to turn the Delaware water gap into a NATIONAL PARK. What is illegal in a national park??? Hunting and fishing for starters! But Jim...
  8. Jimdude

    Any guesses on this sewing machine?

    My mom’s friend is selling this machine. Anyone know what it is?
  9. Jimdude

    One Sticking with ESS made easy.

    I just wanted to share my latest discovery with the ESS and one sticking. If you have had problems doing this because the lower panel drops to the back of your knees when you climb, try this. I’m a 34” waist. Tonight I decided to clip my carabiner through both D rings rather than to my bridge...
  10. Jimdude

    Singer 15-91

    I found a nice singer 15-91 for $100. It is not a belt drive. I’m looking to make a wraptor with it. What do you think? Thanks
  11. Jimdude

    Cold weather and thumb release?

    I’m new to thumb releases this year. I bought a used carter convertible which was so smooth in the summer months. Now it feels so stiff. I assume whatever grease or oil is on the inside has thickened do to the cold temperatures. Is there a way to combat this or do I have to learn to live with...
  12. Jimdude

    Green CGM Sidewinder Saddle M NOT FOR SALE (Returned)

    Used for 1 sit, like new. Forest green medium (up to 38” waist) sidewinder. I bought this new from CGM to replace the rock climbing harness I’m using with my Dryad Drey but the harness actually works better with the drey so I’m going to stick with it. $175 TYD saves you $25 between tax and...
  13. Jimdude

    I found the best string silencers

    I just wanted to share my experience. I put a set of custom waxless strings on my elite enkore I put the stock pine ridge silencers from the factory strings on it but they kept sliding down. Then as an experiment I took a set of bowjax II off my old bow and tied them around the string with...
  14. Jimdude

    Hello from New Jersey

    Hello SH members! I just got back into hunting last year at age 43. I haven’t hunted since I was a young teenager. After a year of dragging ladder stands around the woods and dealing with my antique climber I think I am ready to try a saddle. I’m thinking the JX3 is the way to go for comfort and...