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  1. fbwguy

    Storms: Last Night and Today

    A vicious deadly line of storms and tornadoes hit many areas of our members. Still continuing across the East and North East. My thoughts and prayers to all that are affected
  2. fbwguy

    Should NEVER Happen

  3. fbwguy

    Why I Hunt!!!

    This is from the Hunting Public: I think we can all relate… From The Hunting Public: This is hunting. It will break your heart. You will go days without getting so much as a shot at an animal. You will miss. You will see garbage in the bush, and have to pick it up. You will wound something one...
  4. fbwguy

    Beware of Deer Farts

  5. fbwguy

    Hoyt Carbon RedWRX RX3 info?

    I just won this bow. Any reviews or good information on it? I’ve never owned a Hoyt, so I’m wondering what the thoughts and feelings are about them Thanks
  6. fbwguy

    Help with caliber decision!

    Ok guys, all in good fun! Help?! First World Problems!!! I’m thinking about a new gun and can’t decide on caliber. It will be twofold, plinking and deer hunting. My problem is I already have a few calibers for deer, so we can eliminate 243, 25-06, 6.5 CM, 260, 270,7-08, 7 mag, 30-06, 308 and...
  7. fbwguy

    Sad and Somber Day

    Yesterday was the last day of rifle season in my zone here in Arkansas. But it was the last day of hunting my family’s private lot of 95 acres. 22 years ago when we bought our land we became friends with an older couple next door. They became like grandparents to my kids. They asked if we would...
  8. fbwguy

    My First Euro Mounts

    I did two European Mounts for the first time ever. They were not that hard and came out decent
  9. fbwguy

    Rechargeable hand warmer

    First time using my Frog & Co hand warmer. Wow I put it on the tether biner and set it on low. Easy to grab and warm those cold hands and doubles as a phone recharger in emergencies
  10. fbwguy

    And so it begins!!!!

    Midway USA is officially selling the Hawk Saddle So this marks the beginning of big Sporting Goods Distributers carting commercialized saddles!
  11. fbwguy

    Attention to details

    Every year I spend sometime looking, inspecting and checking my bow. I check all of the bolts and attachments for tightness. Check the cams, cables and strings. But this year I seemed to miss a minor but important item. This evening while throwing some arrows down range I got stung! While at...
  12. fbwguy

    Alien Archery Australia 200 gr single bevel

    I’m thinking about giving these monsters a try! only issue is how long to get them to Arkansas from Australia
  13. fbwguy

    3- Rivers Archery Woodsman 175gr

    Anybody have experience with this broadhead ? I’m seeing mixed reviews on the interweb.
  14. fbwguy

    Kifaru Gun Bearer

    Anyone use these? Looking to see if it will be a good way to carry rifle hands free for entry and exit into public
  15. fbwguy

    Any 4th Sales?

    Any Saddle or Saddle Accessories sales this weekend?
  16. fbwguy

    New to smoking meat

    Last week I bought a used smoker. I gave $15 for a Charbroil Big Easy SRG. I used it for the first time yesterday. I smoked a rack of ribs with Hickory. Wow, not only did I impress myself but I impressed my wife. She can take or leave ribs, but she didn’t stop eating till they were gone. At 52...
  17. fbwguy

    Danger for sale! Not Me!

    Check this contraption out that’s for sale! Safety first? I don’t think so!!!!!:tired:
  18. fbwguy

    Another unsafe hunter

    What is wrong with people?As Bugs Bunny would say....”.What a Marooon” https://www.syracuse.com/us-news/2020/01/hunter-surprised-by-conservation-officer-accidentally-fires-muzzleloader-through-deer-blind-wall.html?outputType=amp
  19. fbwguy

    Daughter’s Wedding

    Just thought I’d share some pics from my daughter’s wedding, since you guys are like extended family!, sorry the Buckstashe had to go. The beautiful woman in blue, my wife, was so happy. I just had to brag a little!!!
  20. fbwguy

    Disgusting but interesting!

    Ok a little background info. I hunt 95 acres of private land that belongs to my elderly neighbor. It’s about 40% field and 60% wood. I maintain the land for him and have exclusive hunting rights. I do have one small issue, he has given another neighbor the right to walk his dogs on the property...