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    Whos had more saddle hunting influence?

    John definitely had some influence but saddle hunting would definitely never have gotten the reboot that it did if it weren't for this site. Most of the companies around now would not even be here if not for this site. Tethrd basically launched on this site. I would say hands down just by the...
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    Whos had more saddle hunting influence?

    That dude helped me out a ton when I first started messing around with different climbing methods. I wonder what ever happened to him? It's happened multiple times now when I see someone claim they "invented" a new climbing method when in most cases it's just some iteration of what was being...
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    New Hunting Wardrobe Advice

    15 is pretty darn cold for me but I can get down to freezing pretty light and packable. I tend to run warm, so I get hot when moving but get cold easily if I'm not. This is what works for me though. I use smartwool base layers because that's what was on sale when I was looking and they are...
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    A hot weather ?

    I know this wasn’t your point but thing is Jeff has hunted PA public and has been successful. Most guys aren’t going to succeed in a few days. Odds are when you have that many hunters someone will get one, but the odds for any one person going out to an unfamiliar location and being successful...
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    A hot weather ?

    If you have the days off no matter what, yeah of course hunt. But if you have a limited number of days and you have to pick and choose, well then I’m not wasting days off when it’s 70 plus.
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    A hot weather ?

    I called off work this week...... and then I called back in
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    I don’t care for them at all, figured out pretty quick they weren’t my cup of tea. In my opinion they are everything that’s wrong with hunting today. That being said sounds like they got caught up with an shady outfitter the feds were after. Not saying they shouldn’t have known better but they...
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    Rock Climbing treestand harness

    I’m not sure what they are rated to but the petzl falcon has rated loops but they are small. Super comfy harness but a little bulky for hunting purposes.
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    Anyone else not like early season?

    I hear ya, not that I don't enjoy it but sometimes it feels like wasted time. The cold front we're getting is gonna make tomorrow feel like prime time. Leaves are changing, temperature is dropping, and the anticipation is high. I won't burn my vacation time early just because of odds of...
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    Poll - how much satisfaction do you get from killing a deer on your hunt?

    I’m only content to a certain point with just being in the woods. If the season ended and I did not kill a deer, I’d maybe be 25% content so I went with 75% to the question. Probably even higher but not 100. Perspective is also variable. Had a year where life sort of took priority and I was...
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    Kuiu Proximity line.

    If you get a chance to update once you've gone through some beggars lice or other little stickies please let us know. That's a potential weakness of that fabric and unfortunately I will find that stuff literally everywhere I go. Micro fleece was not a good option for me in the past, got so...
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    Quietest hang on stand?

    I’m pretty happy with my LWCG 1.0. I have a lone wolf alpha and I would say they’re equally quiet. I have tape/stealth strips on both but nothing major. LWCG does a good job addressing metal to metal contact with the rubber coating on the stand as well as the sticks but I’d put more faith in...
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    What do yall think this buck would score?

    I think he’ll be within an inch of 150”.
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    Versa button cam straps?

    Anybody know where you can get replacement straps for versa button sticks with the sewn loops for a reasonable price? I can’t hardly find any and the ones I can are pretty expensive.
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    Worst thing you’ve forgot to take into the field?

    Marginal at best!
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    Worst thing you’ve forgot to take into the field?

    I’ve had to turn around to get my bow or release a time or two. I’ve driven to a location in sandals and found out I had no socks whatsoever. Bare feet in rubber boots is just weird and cold.
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    What would this buck score?

    That's awesome, congrats!
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    Lithium Batteries in Trail Cams

    I’d spend a small fortune if I ran lithium batteries, and most cameras will run for a long time just on alkalines.
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    Are 2 blades actually bad for low lbs?

    Why does anyone care if the broadhead is spinning. Aside from what Ashby found to be able to split bone more easily, is there any other purpose. I would actually think you’d lose a tiny tiny bit of penetration by spinning. Not that I think any of this matters but since we’re splitting hairs...
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    What would this buck score?

    I'm gonna guess 108, good luck to your son and I hope you can report back!