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  1. bfriendly

    Pouch recommendations, please!

    @beaston roll pouch….send this guy a pm. My rappel rope straps in, I roll it up with tether inside . I have a few prussik loops and a 6’ long amsteel daisy chain in the pockets. I still use a dump pouch for pull down cord, gear hanger, back strap, ATC, Biners. One pouch on each side and it’s...
  2. bfriendly

    Tethrd, Cruzr, Trophyline and CGM

    Can you elaborate on the rope belt versus the buckles? Never heard of that.
  3. bfriendly

    Anyone else not fond of aiders?

    I have a short stick with a mini platform on top and a 3 step aider I dislike tremendously. I wrapped the bottom 2 together and still don’t like it. I have a single aider on a full length 36” helium stick, separate platform. I love it and it’s my go to.
  4. bfriendly

    Why I am moving away from One Stick climbing method

    I use a lineman’s belt when I’m playing with my trail cams. I take my stick with me and set my cams while standing on the top of my stick. I like everything about them being up high on public land. One day I’ll SRT climb, but for now, my 1 stick is working well. I’m 55 in decent shape. I want...
  5. bfriendly

    Saddle comfort, long sits are just painful

    Was that kidney pain like a backside kidney punch? I will get that sometime if I turn just my upper torso to look behind me. It scared me the first time it was so painful. It’ll flare up if I make that move……
  6. bfriendly

    Light weight lineman's rope

    This^^^ safer, easier, funner! Badazz! It may seem complicated, but your tether and lineman’s belt are just a pieces of rope. Obviously, those pieces of rope need to be a quality ropes you’re willing to put your life on…….but so does ALL your saddle stuff! When shopping for rope to make a...
  7. bfriendly

    Prusik knot as a backup for RM1

    I tried it, went back to mechanical as I adjust a bunch. I find the mechanical to be a little more precise. I don’t use a lineman’s belt. I do have a shorter second bridge I attach my ATC to rappel line first with prussik below. As I stand up, I’m tightening ATC/prussik brake to load the lower...
  8. bfriendly

    Prusik on bridge- concern? Pics

    This ^^ Unless you do a really long taper on the bury, you’ll see where it ends! mine poke out on the regular, but I doubt it’d come apart if it weren’t buried at all.
  9. bfriendly

    Sterling C-IV and rain

    I have one of those blue floor fans from Home Depot in my basement/garage. I constantly run it 24/7/365 to keep air circulation. I put everything in front of it for drying, saddle, ropes, boots etc… BTW- you got good stuff so it will be fine!
  10. bfriendly

    Saddle comfort, long sits are just painful

    Tinker tinker tinker. I’m finding the more I can get my tether to pull on the lower half of my single panel saddle, the better……most of the time! It is strange, but I don’t know that I find my comfort spot exactly the same each time, day to day. Sometimes I’ll loosen leg straps to nothing...
  11. bfriendly

    Light weight lineman's rope

    What are you using for tether? Just curious. They can be the same or different kinds. Eastern woods outdoors (EWO) has been good to me and has everything you need. Resctech would fit the bill for sure and I use it for rappelling now too. Are you rappelling yet? I’m on probably one of the lowest...
  12. bfriendly

    secondary safety line ?

    Kinda tough on the newbie no?
  13. bfriendly

    Just a swing'n

    I don’t think I swing(maybe a little for practice), but I frequently change positions…..too much I’m sure. The last few times in my saddle, it’s been very windy and I’ve been getting tossed around like a tether ball! My behind might have been a little puckered up, but I was grinning ear to ear...
  14. bfriendly

    hss safety

    In a word, no. It’s been discussed and you can find a thread on this topic but generally the consensus is not really. My hawk saddle came with Lineman’s belt and tether rope. I used them for practice first time hanging last year. One is attached to my kayak and the other to my boat for a dock...
  15. bfriendly

    hand warmer muffs & saddles

    I’ve been fortunate I guess that a hoodie over merino base layers has been sufficient for most of the season here in GA. One big 18hr hand warmer inside the front pocket and I’ve been good…….most of the time. I’m getting older and warmer sounds better ……wish I could put my feet in one! Anywho...
  16. bfriendly

    secondary safety line ?

    What rope are you using? Just curious. I started with 2 different Amazon ropes(9&11 mm). After getting blasted enough times, I got some Canyon elite, now I have resctech. This year is my second season! I will say as soon as I put my hands on the Elite, I knew I had quality and made the right...
  17. bfriendly

    secondary safety line ?

    If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have safety in mind which should be your #1 priority anywho! Good on ya brother!
  18. bfriendly

    secondary safety line ?

    Yes. the only time I’m on two lines is during transition from tether to rappel line……but I sometimes climb with just rappel line. I have 100% confidence in my ropes and I check my rappel rope with my fingers every time I’m winding it up. IMHO best case scenario (not mine yet) is to be able to...
  19. bfriendly

    Prusik knot as a backup for RM1

    I think I saw a review and also noticed they(Hawk) didn’t taper the ends of the bury . I didn’t do too swift of a job making the secondary one either and it keeps poking out, even when I rebury it.
  20. bfriendly

    Prusik knot as a backup for RM1

    Please educate me, it’s why I post pics! But you no likey the TRC on resctech? Or running my secondary bridge through the hitch……it’s just redundant and should keep me off the ground no? Who says I’m trying to be stealthy? I’m just having fun =0)~