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    What's going on at AeroHunter?

    Still rocking the og kestrel here too. Was thinking of getting something new next year, but may end up getting new/smaller bridge and lineman ropes instead. The only issue is it getting saggy on the walk out, but if I simply took time to tighten the belt, likely wouldn't be an issue
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    Deer Sh!ts?

    Not sure about the ****z, but veni farts are real.
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    HYS + Quick Draw is awesome.

    I have the homemade version and love it, but still keep a hero hook when the strong side of the tree won't allow for normal hanging of the bow.
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    Saddle Jacket choices

    I have the fanatic jacket and make it work two ways. First is to pull the built in muff through the bridge ropes and put both hands in on the tree side of the bridge. Second way is put my left hand in the muff on the tree side of the bridge and my release hand inside on the body side of the bridge.
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    Latitude method 2 bridge and lm rope adjustment

    The tenders I added to the kestrel work so well that it surprises me folks use ropemans.
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    Latitude method 2 bridge and lm rope adjustment

    Thanks, was referring to lineman rope with my abbreviation
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    Latitude method 2 bridge and lm rope adjustment

    For those of you with the method 2, can you easily adjust the lm rope and the bridge with one hand? I have prussic tenders on my og kestrel and it's easy peasy to do . Not sure if the method works that way out of the box or not.
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    Help me fix the knee to tree pain.

    Straddle or side-saddle for me if my knees are hurting
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    V3X setups

    V3X 29
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    Proper draw technique videos?

    My first bow was an infinite edge pro which i sold this year and purchased a v3x. I have been working with a dr and physical therapist for 2 years. Two tenotomy procedures to remove calcified tendon (no joy), third procedure to dissolve and suck out the calcification, which was great until I...
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    Proper draw technique videos?

    At first yes, but then I gave it a rest and worked pt more, then restarted. It's really strange as some days I can do 10 shots at the higher weight and have no issues but then get a flare-up after doing 4 or 5
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    Proper draw technique videos?

    It was 60#, but dropped it to 40# this year and then gradually increased to 56#. I don't really feel pain or discomfort when shooting, but then the ache starts a few hours later. I shoot between four to ten arrows to stop inflaming the tendons and have been icing and taking alleve, along with...
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    Proper draw technique videos?

    I've been dealing with rotator cuff impingement in my draw shoulder for nearly three years and it's really affecting my ability to practice. I'll skip the full back story, but I've been seeing a pt along with an orthopedic specialist and have made some progress but keep regressing when I shoot...
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    kwikee kwiver tight/noisy when taking off?

    I returned the kk and purchased the cbe adapt. Price wasn't too painful ($99 or so) but it handles my grizzlystik samurai heads with ease. https://custombowequipment.com/products/adapt-quiver
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    Ezv target question

    Anyone with an ezv target mind measuring the distance between the arrow notches for me? I want to put a couple stickers on my block target to simulate the paper ezv target. Ty
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    kwikee kwiver tight/noisy when taking off?

    Trying a kk for the first time and the bracket is damn tight. I end up having to put a fair amount of force to slip it off, which causes it to clank into my bow in the process. Does that bracket loosen up at all? No way I could use it as is.
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    Saddle hunting clothing ?

    Been using these. Suspeenders and built in knee pads. Only downside is if you need absolute silence when walking, then you may not like these. Not crazy loud but not silent. https://www.firstlite.com/products/corrugate-foundry-pant
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    tooth aging results

    Deerage.com and you only send in the front two incisors for then to do cementum aging.
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    tooth aging results

    Minnesota, near Alexandria