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  1. Shapeshifter

    AM or PM during the Rut?

    Just trying to get a feel for what other like as far hunting during the rut. It kinda goes without saying obviously that any time up in a stand or saddle is a great time time during this period. I was just thinking back over the last 30 seasons that I have hunted both AM and PM usually only...
  2. Shapeshifter

    Hunting Regulations Question.

    This question is for the Maryland boys or anyone who has ever hunted Maryland public land. I'm little confused because I thought that I had heard or read that it was legal to bone out or quarter a deer on Maryland public. I checked out Maryland hunting guide but couldn't really find anything...
  3. Shapeshifter

    You can never have too much experience to get humbled!

    Alright then, so I went out this past Saturday for a morning hunt. I decided to hunt this small section of public that's probably only about 90 acres. This section is located in a very flat swampy creek bottom. Aside from the creek that runs through back part of this section, this area is...
  4. Shapeshifter

    Cruzr Mini Seeker platform?

    I saw something earlier this summer about Cruzr bringing out a mini Seeker platform. Does anyone know what happened with that or when we might expect to see it for sale?
  5. Shapeshifter

    Hunting on a full moon.

    With the exception of a November full moon, I have never really had much luck hunting or even seeing many deer. In my 30 years of hunting I have had better luck in the morning but still not great. I still go out either way because it's what we do, but I realize I don't enjoy it as much. How...
  6. Shapeshifter

    Backing up your repell device ?

    Hey guys, I started repelling down this season. I'm using the Madrock Safeguard along with 9mm Canyon elite. I have been seen this a little more lately on you tube , about backing up your repell device. It's got me thinking and I was wondering how many of you resellers out there are backing...
  7. Shapeshifter

    Scaffold knot and Delta Link question ?

    Not sure if it makes a difference, but when you tie your scaffold knot onto the delta link does it matter which end of the triangle it end up? Does it matter if it's on the single end or should it be in the middle of the other two corners ?
  8. Shapeshifter

    New member from Maryland

    Hey guys, just wanted to to say hello to the fellow hunters out there. Special shout out to my fellow Marylanders. I been hunting central Maryland for the past 30 years. 28 of the those years were spent hunting out of a Lone Wolf climber. This will be my second full year hunting out of a...