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  1. LtMoe66

    TETHRD FAS PACK/Possible alternative

    For all of us that like new gear it’s out and at a steep price $$$! If you notice it is almost exactly the same pack as a Eberlestock Bandit that has been slightly modified with some extra pouches on the side. The Bandit is on sale for $119. Sure you could do some nice mods on that for the money...
  2. LtMoe66

    Is Innovating the Outdoors still in business?

    I ordered the Ohm tether locker and some Skeletor stick holder clips for my saddle. I haven’t received a confirmation email or anything since. I took pic of confirmation number just in case but curious because I’m hoping to have them by this week for my 10 day hunting trip.
  3. LtMoe66


    Let’s get it going! Good luck everyone!
  4. LtMoe66


    Watched the Tethrd tagged out video. Headed to Nebraska. Looks like the vehicles and equipment they provided break down as much as everything else they sell lately The must really have bad luck!!!:tonguewink::tonguewink:
  5. LtMoe66

    Who would you rather hunt with?? Infalt or Eberhart? Just curious!

    I’m Infalt! I know there are other hunters and what not, but these 2 are probably the most opposites when it comes to approach. So that’s why I ask for just these 2. If you haven’t seen it go to post #46 in this thread. It’s kind of my reason for the question. There is always a different...
  6. LtMoe66


    Bought a new Grizzly 1648 SC last week. I have been installing the things I want and need for both hunting and fishing. Plan on accessing a lot of public ground with this. Bowfishing & fishing also. Built this bow rack out of PVC. Holds 2 bows in this position but I can flip upside down and hold...
  7. LtMoe66

    OOAL Skeletor stick platform?

    Does anybody know if there are plans for a scout type platform to fit the Skeletor sticks? Either by OOAL or anyone else? Just curious!
  8. LtMoe66

    Team standings

    Is there a Team standings that we can see? Last year there was a points total about every week or so. Just curious if that was possible?
  9. LtMoe66

    Shout out to all those affected by IDA.

    Wanted to express my thoughts and prayers to all those that have been affected by the recent storms! These storms have been life changing for millions, I hope anyone in this forum that is affected is ok and that they are able to get thru the difficult times. Hope you’ll be able to again hunt in...
  10. LtMoe66

    Roll out bag from Tethrd?

    On HTP’s last video they mentioned that Tethrd is coming out with the Roll out bag for those that single stick and rappel. Does anybody have an idea of when it is going to be available. Or is it another hype up deal and they will be sold out for ever like several of the other items?? I’m...
  11. LtMoe66

    First time out with the CRUZR ARCHON

    Got my new CRUZR Archon last week and finally got to get out and try yesterday. Awesome! Is all I can say. It was soooo comfortable. Only thing I wish was better was the belt isn’t very stiff and wants to loosen and the clips on the leg strap are hard to undo with my old fingers. But all things...
  12. LtMoe66


    Sure a lot of you have seen this on the CRUZER site. This looks awesome! Suppose to be available for pre-order in March
  13. LtMoe66

    Hawk saddle release. As Generic as it gets

    Doesn’t impress me at all!
  14. LtMoe66

    Aero Hunter discontinues Kestrel and Kite

    Thought everyone considering this type of saddle might want to know this.
  15. LtMoe66

    Hello from Missouri!

    Wanted to just put a shout out and say hi! I’m recently retired from the fire service and have been saddle hunting for 2 Full seasons now. Looking forward to lots of time to hunt and interacting with people that have same interests.