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  1. Shapeshifter

    New member from PA

    Welcome from Md.
  2. Shapeshifter

    Tethrd One Stick Gen 3's - Season review so far

    Thanks brother, I will definitely keep this aider in mind. I was just figuring that I already have the versa aider and it works really well, that I would just use it. However this looks good also and you can never have too many aiders. I really like Backwoods Mobile Gear, they are making some...
  3. Shapeshifter

    Tethrd One Stick Gen 3's - Season review so far

    I really want to give these Gen 3 sticks a try. I was thinking of ordering some during the off season. The one thing that is kinda holding me back is that I would really like to run my versa aider with them. I'm just not sure how easy it would be to change out that non weight bearing rope...
  4. Shapeshifter

    PA Public MTN Buck

    That's a dandy brother, nice job. Keep knocking them down. If its working for you, don't change nothing.
  5. Shapeshifter

    Platform Spring and squeak

    Have you tried toe camming your platform? This usually helps get rid of most of those issues. It doesn't completely eliminate it, but I've found it to be better. Some trees , I feel are worse then others when it come to your platform making noise and bouncing.
  6. Shapeshifter

    How long till a stand cools down?

    I typically don't like to over hunt my stands, but during the rut I have few sites that if I have a great sit with lots of action and i can get in out without spooking any deer I don't hesitate hunting them again the next day and day after that. This is of course assuming you have the same wind...
  7. Shapeshifter

    Help. One in lock down

    I think you should definitely wait them out. It might take a while but they should eventually get up. I would then try to get the doe to come your way, he will fallow. Even if it's only a few yards, that may be all you need to get a shot at him. Good luck bro, let us know how it plays out.
  8. Shapeshifter

    AM or PM during the Rut?

    That's interesting because I kinda feel the same way. See them in the morning and kill them in the afternoon or evening.
  9. Shapeshifter

    Friday am buck

    Nice but brother, I like killing deer on forced movement. Kinda feels like you stole one. I'm with MattMan , love the way you got that dude posed in the back of your car.
  10. Shapeshifter

    F in chat ... Dropped my new bow out of the tree and broke the sight..

    That's a bummer bro, hopefully you can get replacement sight quick. I like to climb with just my pack on my back and use my dynaglide retrieval line to pull my bow up once I'm settled in.
  11. Shapeshifter

    AM or PM during the Rut?

    But when have you killed most if your bucks?
  12. Shapeshifter

    AM or PM during the Rut?

    I guess it's hard to know how many deer you bump out going in the dark. Even though I try to be as stealthy as u can going in I never really hear any crashing from deer running or blowing, but just never know how many just sneak away.
  13. Shapeshifter

    AM or PM during the Rut?

    Just trying to get a feel for what other like as far hunting during the rut. It kinda goes without saying obviously that any time up in a stand or saddle is a great time time during this period. I was just thinking back over the last 30 seasons that I have hunted both AM and PM usually only...
  14. Shapeshifter


    That sucks bro, good luck. Hope you find him.
  15. Shapeshifter


    Congratulations bro, nice buck. I'm hoping I can contribute to the team soon. Deer movement has be pretty slow where I'm at in Md. Hoping it picks up soon though, I'm off all next week.
  16. Shapeshifter

    How do you carry antlers for rattling?

    I stopped carrying antlers a long time ago. I just carry a rattle bag now. Much easier and lighter then those big cumbersome antlers.
  17. Shapeshifter

    Cruzr Mini Seeker platform?

    Let me know how you like it, looks like I'm going to have to wait till next season to get mine.
  18. Shapeshifter

    What’s one odd tactic or strategy you’ve used

    I used to carry a slingshot with me for years. I would use it to spook those pesky button bucks or yearling does that sometimes tend to loiter around my tree before climbing down in the evening. Also worked great for scaring the hell out of some squirrels if I was bored.
  19. Shapeshifter

    Advice on headlamps

    Totally agree with you, I like the green light alot better then red, it's a little bit brighter for walking purposes yet it doesn't spook game. Also you can still see bright eyes with the green light if you have marked trees or trails. I use an old Cabelas Alaskan guide headlamp. Not the best...
  20. Shapeshifter

    1st Self-filmed deer kill

    Congratulations brother, keepem coming!