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    Shikar Mini Sticks

    I cannot find this information anywhere so if it is on another thread I apologize. Do the shikar mini sticks stack in the same way as the regular sticks?
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    Getting ready to make the switch

    I have a large mantis and a ridge runner I would cut you a deal on. If you are interested PM me. Both are great products just going a different direction.
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    Lone wolf climbing method

    It didn't when I used it. My brother has it now and straps the front down so it stays in place better.
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    Lone wolf climbing method

    Get some vinyl tubing and slide over the band. This is what I did with mine when I used it and it works great and doesn't add much weight at all. It is just 1 inch vinyl water tubing I believe.
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    Knaider and Swaider Set

    No that is fine. I would like to buy them but will have to wait until Friday. If you still have them then I will take them. If not it's not a big deal. Thanks.
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    Knaider and Swaider Set

    Does it have the new bigger hook on the knaider? Wondering if it would hook onto the steps of my heliums.
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    Helium Mod

    Just cutting as much weight as possible. It only has one set of steps. I love using the aider but needed something to keep them away from the tree so I can get my foot in them easier.
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    Helium Mod

    So I liked using the WE steps and a 5 step aider except for worrying about camming the steps every time. I traded for some heliums and cut the bottom 10.5 inches off. I moved the top standoff to the top of the short piece and moved the versa button. So now I have a 10.5 set of heliums that I...
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    For anyone who has purchased and received their predator, how long was the way from the order time to the shipping date? Not looking for an exact number just needing to get a platform for the season. And wondering if buying a new one is the best option or if trying to find a used one would be...
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    4 wild edge steps to trade for 2 helium's? Sold please close

    Not to hijack the thread but I have 4 steps with a bag I would be willing to trade for the sticks. PM me if interested. Thanks
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    Tethrd setups for sell SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Ok I would like to buy it if they sell just send me a PM. Thank you.
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    Tethrd setups for sell SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Would you sell the predator by itself?
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    Sold Cut Down Helium Sticks For Sale

    Do you know the weight of the set up? Thanks
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    Wild Edge Aider

    Sold to Swingin' Free. Thanks.
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    Wild Edge Aider

    Yes I do.
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    Wild Edge Aider

    Open to offers.
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    Wild Edge Aider

    I have a Wild Edge aider that came with some stepps I bought from here. I do not need it and would like to sell it. $30 TYD.
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    WTB medium mantis

    I know it is a long shot but looking to buy a medium mantis if anyone has one they want to get rid of. Thanks.
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    Aider and Wild Edge Steps - Getting down??

    I use a five step black diamond aider and can get to 18' with 3 steps.
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    Guido's Web

    Sold please close. Thanks.