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  1. Recurveaholic

    Would generic vacuum sealer do the job?

    And I totally agree about the bags!! Definitely buy quality bags.
  2. Recurveaholic

    Would generic vacuum sealer do the job?

    I usually do 2 or 3 deer a year and usually a bear and have been using one from Walmart for 11 years now and still going fine so unless you plan on doing a whole lot of butchering the cheap ones will be sufficient!
  3. Recurveaholic

    First fall

    I am always tethered in while one sticking!
  4. Recurveaholic

    1 sticking setups

    I one stick down and it's not that bad. I would rather one stick down then deal with all the extra stuff for rappelling! But to each their own!
  5. Recurveaholic

    Blackhorn 209

    Will it fit the Encore?
  6. Recurveaholic

    Blackhorn 209

    I cannot find 209 primers anywhere around where I live anybody have any suggestions?
  7. Recurveaholic

    Pop up blinds and your experience

    Totally agree kids and rain are the only time these offer any advantage!
  8. Recurveaholic

    Pop up blinds and your experience

    The problem we have around my area is if we put them out early, even the day before a hunt, the bear get to them and rip them apart!! I have used them successfully on same day hunts but you have to really brush them in well and make sure there is some kind of back drop!! But with all the other...
  9. Recurveaholic

    AM or PM during the Rut?

    Where I hunt it depends on the spot. I have spots that are way better in the morning and I have spots you will not see any deer in the morning but will be wrapped up in them in the afternoon!! I also have spots that depending on conditions you better be there in the middle of the day!! So it all...
  10. Recurveaholic

    Platform or ring of steps or a combo

    My favorite setup is a ROS with a Scout on there for my main platform and best of all it all fits on one strap!!
  11. Recurveaholic

    Acorn mast

    Here in NC it's the best mast crop, all of them, I have ever seen!
  12. Recurveaholic

    Acorn off yr?

    I'm in NC and we are having the best year for mast crops, all of them, that I can remember!!
  13. Recurveaholic

    Grade 5 vs Grade 8 bolts

    Grade 5 bends way to easy PLEASE DON'T CLIMB ON THEM!!
  14. Recurveaholic


    I couldn't hunt the swamps around my way without one!!
  15. Recurveaholic

    Need to lift my rear end.

    I definitely think @Weldabeast nailed it so no need for more input!!
  16. Recurveaholic

    14 yr old's first buck with a recurve

    Congrats and that bow looks great.
  17. Recurveaholic

    LW sit and climb into hand climber

    It looks like it is just bolted on the front and not bracing it in any way so I don't think it would hurt anything taking it off! With that being said if you take it off and then when you use it you notice it twisting or acting like it is weaker you might want to replace it! Be safe and check it...
  18. Recurveaholic

    Arkansas Monster

    That's what it's all about right there boys that excitement we all case!! His reaction is priceless!!
  19. Recurveaholic

    I have never seen four like that before

    Yeah me either as a matter of fact I have never seen one like that, size anyway, you lucky dog you!!!!
  20. Recurveaholic

    Prayer for our brothers

    Somehow this ended up in the wrong category so if a moderator could fix this I would appreciate it!!