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    Favorite YouTube hunting channel

    Hunting Public RandyNewberg Elk101 Born & Raised Outdoors
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    Elk plans for 2020

    I’ll be leaving week after next for my first ever elk hunt. Will be in unit 81 and 80. Will need a lot of luck I’m sure. Haha.
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    Descending one stick method

    I’ve never tried rappelling down and I have used one stick for a couple years now. I doubt I ever try it either but am not against it. I don’t really have any trouble going down with one stick and seem to be faster than going up.
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    Secret tethrd stick used while one sticking

    Great video. I one stick both up and down. I kinda feel going down is easier. Need to try rappelling down but have to carry a bunch more rope and don’t feel it would be worth it except it’s definitely faster
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    First Impression tetherd phantom

    What do you use to climb. If you use a hand climber or one stick then you don’t use a lineman belt unless going over limbs so you won’t need one. I one stick and use a ropeman on my tether
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    Bino Harness | Whatcha got?

    I have the bx4’s in 10x42 in an outdoor vision ridgetop harness size small. Works good
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    My phantom opinions

    So far in testing it I seem to like about 6-8 inches from all the way out. Tether about forehead height. I’m not too picky about things though and seemed to be okay with the bridge all the way out and almost as short as it would go. It’s nice to have it adjustable.
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    My phantom opinions

    I’ve been a saddle user for probably close to ten years, can’t really remember when I started. I’ve used an original trophy line ambush, sit drag, mantis, and now phantom. I’m mostly a leaner and use a predator for a platform. I liked the mantis and could have kept using it but wanted to give...
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    Elk plans for 2020

    I’ll be headed to Montana with a buddy during archery season for my first western hunt. Can’t wait and it’s all I think about.
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    One Stick Climbing: To Rappel or not Rappel

    I’ve one stick for about two years now. Never rappelled down. I find going down as easy as going up.
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    Chest bino holder

    Outdoor vision ridgetop harness for me.
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    Tethrd Phantom

    I could be. Need to see some more videos about the phantom but will probably try it out.
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    Boudreaux Boswell

    He posts some in Rokslide forum
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    Artisan Outdoors Platform Review

    good review. Perfect option for one sticking and shorter hunts. I need to get one as most of my hunts are three hours or less.
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    TEAM 1 Discussion thread

    Killed this buck this morning. 9 pointer. Been hunting him all year but he would always be in a different area in front of a camera every time. This morning he came in checking a doe at 35 yards. 7mm right through the heart and he ran maybe 25 yards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2019 Deer Contest Submission Thread

    Team 1: 9 point
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    I just don’t know what I want for climbing

    I went through sticks, we steps, Spurs, hand climber, screw in steps, and have settled on one-stick climbing. 2 pounds for one stick, can go as high as needed, climb any tree, no packing back up at end of hunt, always tethered, and quiet.
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    TEAM 1 Discussion thread

    Glad to be a part of the team. Hope I can contribute some points and have a good time.
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    New guy from Arkansas

    Welcome. I live in Ozark.
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    Wanted: Rangefinder - Economical for a Vet

    I have a Nikon 800 yard rangefinder that I would sell. $100 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk