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Search results

  1. CooterBrown

    Tennessee A.E.D.C WMA hunting

    Anybody hunt A.E.D.C WMA in TN. Looking to hunt in TN since I bought my out of state license earlier in the year for a business trip and hunted Yanahli WMA. If you could hunt any WMA in TN where would it be?
  2. CooterBrown

    Abowyer Broad head

    I lost an arrow going thru the brush the other day on an out of state hunt. anybody have 1 Abowyer screw in 200 grain broad head?
  3. CooterBrown

    Tennessee Public Land Hunt

    Where should I hunt for an out of state hunt in TN on public land? I bought my license for a job trip and hunted Yanahli WMA a few evenings and 2 days. Saw several nice bucks but no kills. Since I already have my TN out of state license, I'm thinking I'll take a week off and hunt sometime in...
  4. CooterBrown

    Percy Priest WMA vs Yanahli WMA In Tennessee

    I have a training class near Murfreesboro TN next week and thought I may hunt in the evenings. Anybody hunted either of these and have any input on which one I should choose. Yanahli WMA is 30 minutes from My training than 1 hour to hotel and Percy Priest WMA is 1 hour from training and 30...
  5. CooterBrown

    Cellular camera that uses 123A batteries?

    Cellular camera that uses 123A batteries? Anybody know of one.
  6. CooterBrown

    Which arrows

    Looking to buy some 250 spine arrows what do y'all suggest. Compound bow
  7. CooterBrown

    Abowyer Broadheads. Anybody shoot them?

    Our Broadheads and Adapters (abowyer.com)
  8. CooterBrown

    Broadhead choices?

    I want a single bevel 2 blade broadhead in 200 grain. These are some off the few that are in stock. What say ye? Would you go with stainless or carbon? Has anyone shot theses before? Our Broadheads and Adapters (abowyer.com) Cutthroat Screw-In — Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear (rmsgear.com)...
  9. CooterBrown

    Best hot weather merino wool clothing?

    Best hot weather merino wool clothing?
  10. CooterBrown

    Deer food preference app

    I have "picture this" and it is very good at identifying species of plants but it does not tell if it if preferred by deer or any idea if deer can or would eat it. Is there an app that helps someone to know what deer can, will or prefer to eat?
  11. CooterBrown

    Vantage Point Archery. Any users?

    Single Bevel Broadheads | Vantage Point Archery LLC | United States (vparchery.com)
  12. CooterBrown

    Cam lean

    What is the purpose of cam lean. Should you have cam lean? Where are the bow experts?
  13. CooterBrown

    It Broke

    Please provide manufacture name, date it broke, how old was the product, conditions when it broke( ect. hot, cold, raining, during actual hunting, during practice sessions) was it repaired or replaced by the manufacture. Please provide photos.
  14. CooterBrown

    WTB John Eberhart DVD, books

    WTB John Eberhart DVD set, or books
  15. CooterBrown

    Best turkey hunting boots for the south

    Best turkey hunting boots for the south for long walks.
  16. CooterBrown

    Trying to learn plants and trees

    Any online tutorials, YouTube videos, college courses, or books ect. ya'll recommend for learning trees, scrubs, grasses, forbes and invasive species .
  17. CooterBrown

    WTB EWO standoffs ultra lightweight rotating

    I know its a long shot but looking for (2) EWO standoffs ultra lightweight rotating
  18. CooterBrown

    JX3 Hybrid Ultimate Pack

    Has anybody used the JX3 Hybrid Ultimate Pack?
  19. CooterBrown


    I was doing a 630 to 12 noon set Saturday so I took the JX3 (man that thing is comfy). Around 9 am I'm leaning back enjoying the view when I start falling but not real fast. It was slow enough that I reacted and got my footing on my one-stick and grabbed my tether above my Kong Slide and was...
  20. CooterBrown

    Mapping Trophy Bucks by Brad Herndon

    Mapping Trophy Bucks by Brad Herndon, Is this book worth the 25 bucks or are there better ones out there.