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    Interesting observation this weekend

    Friday evening I had 6 does come by 4 of which were mature. All of the mature does went to the same small cluster of saplings and rubbed their head and necks in the limbs like a buck would a licking branch. There was a scrape on one side of the cluster which I did not know at the time. I had...
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    Woodsmanship skills

    Curious to learn what woodsmanship skills you use that you attribute your deer hunting success too. Maybe share your top 2 or 3 but also share how you apply or correlate the woodsmanship skills to the tactics you use to kill. It would also be helpful to know what type of area you hunt...
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    Anyone hunting out west this year?

    Elk, mule deer, pronghorn, etc.? Headed back to CO on 9/10, longbow in hand.
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    Both sold

    Seek Outside Unaweep 4800 large belt - $325 Kuiu Venture 1800 size large - $125 PayPal F&F or regular buyer pays fees. Don’t really know what that means have just seen on other post. Fine with cash too. [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    3D printer project help

    Looking for help to build a simple piece. At least I think it would be pretty simple.
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    $50 off on Zoleo

    Thru May 31st. The promotion also includes a 6 month member ship for GAIA GPS Premium.
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    Free to a new home

    I have a set of shoulder straps and waist belt off of a military pack that I can send to anyone who needs it for packing a treestand. I took them off of the lock on I had at the house and no longer have a use for them.
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    Saddle hunter???

    Out my office window. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Stalker arrived

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Survey question about front end weight for arrows

    Looking for total front weight broken down by head and insert weight. If you shoot a glue-on head note that as well. Brand is of no concern.
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    Simmons glue on shark

    Anybody killed with that 2" head? What bow setup and what was the performance?
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    Singer 620

    So I have one but the bobbin threader doesnt spin so it will not load string. If I remove the bobbin it will start to turn just a hair and locks up. Is it fubar?
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    Petition for blocking sale of Public Land in Arkansas

    https://www.backcountryhunters.org/keep_the_pine_tree_research_station_public This is a land sale that information about just became public. It is a substantial amount of public ground in a part of our state that is not ripe with opportunity. Would appreciate petition support whether you are...
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    Elk plans for 2020

    Anyone planning to head to the mountains? Area I have been hunting in CO is going to be a draw this year for archery so for the first time I will hoping to draw a tag. May go ahead and put in for NM too. Planning to put in for WYO in 2021.
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    4 Ameristeps Reduced - SPF

    I have 9 steps all date stamped 01/05. 5 are on one original strap and the other 4 are all on the original straps. Asking $160 shipped US. Steps have been used less than 5 times. I will post pics this evening. Payment by paypal. I am also willing to split the steps into the group of 5 and a...
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    Ameristep ROS setup

    Remembered I had a bag full of these steps and found them this past weekend. In looking through past threads here it looks like most have put the steps on a ratchet or a Cam buckle. Are there any issues just adding steps to the original strap? I did check the date stamp and they are all 01/05...
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    Another new guy from AR

    About to see if I am cut out to join the apparent growing trend of Fleecing America. I already had all the other gear and picked up fleece throw yesterday evening. For you other Hog fans, is there any truth to the rumor they are going to change the fight song to "Gloom, Despair and Agony on me"...