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    Thanksgiving TN 8 point

    I wanted to hunt a field edge that gives me a viewpoint down in to a creek bottom this morning, but my weather app and BaseMap both forecasted a wind that was shifting at 8:00 am and would be bad for that tree. So, I was headed to a different spot, but as I was walking and testing the wind it...
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    CT Rollnlock “recall”

    Not really a recall unless yours is in the defective batch, but worth checking out if you have one.
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    Target buck located

    So, this is why I drive 5 hours to Kentucky. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, but I’m already dreaming of the trip to the taxidermist. I’m thinking a Euro mount dipped in old school Mossy Oak. Hang it from the mirror of the el Camino like a boss. Or possibly have a broach made for the...
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    $100 TYD PayPal F&F Anodized Camo housing with original green inserts. Sapphire housing glow ring installed I wrote 290 on the bottom of the 290 and filed down the tic marks on the 280 FPS insert
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    Please Close

    I’m not really wanting to let this go, but if someone is willing to do $185 PayPal F&F, I would sell it. I have some other projects to fund. I don’t have the original box, but it is in pristine condition. It is my backup and might have been used once.
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    Recon strap management idea

    One thing that bothers me about the Recon is the panels tend to get flipped and tangled while packed away. They can also slide down while walking. Here is my solution. I folded my tether in half then girth hitched the whole mess around the four panels and pulled tight. I can walk in like this...
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    SOLD please close Overwatch Outdoors Transformer FS

    Brand new Transformer Size 1 Mulitcam $270 TYD PayPal Friends and Family or buyer pays fees Save $20 after shipping vs buying new and I can ship today or tomorrow, but will be out of town from 8/5-8/9. I just got this last week and hung at ground level twice for about a total of 20 minutes...
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    Tried LWHC as deer hoist

    I really like my ultralight deer hoist, but decided to try using my LWHC and a couple of carabiners this weekend to see if I liked it better. I think it would be ok if you had a buddy to help get the deer/LWHC higher on the tree, but I just wasn’t strong enough to get it as high as I wanted by...
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    9 point down, spike sees his chance

    I shot this 9 point right in front of my Tactacam tonight at last light. Less than an hour and half later this spike moved in and is sniffing where the 9 dropped.
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    7 bolts to 21 feet high

    So, I have mentioned in a few posts that I’m using a bolt aider. I’ve had enough PMs about it that I figured I should just create a post. So, this isn’t my creation. flinginairos did a video about it and kyler1945 turned me on to it this season. I made an Amsteel aider for Nutterbuster...
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    8 Wild Edge Stepps and bag $125 TYD

    For Sale EDIT. $125 TYD F&F PERCH IS SOLD 11/16/20 8 Wild Edge Stepps 8 Stepp bag 6 Stepps have the original 6’ ropes 2 Stepps had longer Amsteel for bigger base trees. I will splice new Amsteel on these two Stepps for the buyer. Just tell me what length you want (9’ max) I have done...
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    SOLD. EZ V bow sight for sale

    $80 TYD Black housing Version 2 (not sapphire) inserts Two EZ V paper sight in targets Mounted on backup bow, but never left the basement
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    Check out this area

    I might go Scout and hang in this area tomorrow. Any tips where to concentrate my efforts. I’ve never been there before. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Doyle’s hear hoist question

    For those who have taken part their DGH and succeeded in replacing the strap/rope: Is this the inner spring/retainer? I managed to lose mine as I was fiddling with winding the new rope. I found this little piece in the floor and am hoping that’s it.
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    Stopper knot alternative

    I have had some issues with the Celtic stopper knot coming loose. I tried a sliding knot that I have used for years on my running shoes and it works well. Not sure what it’s called?
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    My OOAL Scout (aka Red Beard) climbing system

    Shout out to Red Beard for the inspiration. I have a Scout Solo on order (3 weeks out), but I had a 1” Scout and a bunch of parts laying around. So, I channeled my inner always89y and got to work. Parts used for stick/stand: *1” OOAL Scout from EWO * original LW stick cut down to 10”-...
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    Cheap new tree pad for knees

    I hate knee pads. And yes, I have the ArcTery’x and Trophyline pads. So, for the last 15 or so seasons I have used a cut down ground seat pad strapped to the tree. With strap, my thinnest one is 4 ounces and kind of cumbersome. So, I was in Dollar Tree today and at the checkout they had some...
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    WTB Whalen’s Hooker Release

    Looking for a 3 finger 7/8” Whalen. Preferably pinwheel model, but would take regular or Brass for the right price Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Decent portable target for EZ V users

    So, I have jumped on the EZ V bandwagon. It hasn’t been perfect, but I think the benefits outweigh the challenges. It’s well documented that it really helps to practice with a 3D Target to get the most out of the EZ V. I am using a DM Hoosier Daddy for most of my practice, but wanted something...
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    **SOLD** Garmin Xero A1i for sale **SOLD**

    Like new. I have had it for about a month. Due to my astigmatism, I’m seeing two dots and a halo. Sometimes it’s not bad, but when my eyes are tired or dry, it’s a problem. It’s crystal clear and works flawlessly when I wear my glasses, but that doesn’t work for me due to frequent fog where I...