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    Anyone know if these exist?

    That's what I did on my boys saddle! Infinite length combinations. And cheap.
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    Do any deer survive 6’ of snow (thinking Buffalo NY)

    We think the same when a hurricane or flooding happens to our southern brothers. Deer are as adaptive as we are! Maybe more!
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    Do any deer survive 6’ of snow (thinking Buffalo NY)

    I'm 20 minutes from Orchard Park. The deer here moved into the warmer swamps and along creeks. The snow melts down to a foot or so in the swamps.
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    Saddle from my past!

    The only numbers I have ever found. I believe it's just safety information. I was hunting old line trees at the time. Smallest one was 2' across. Double " lineman's rope" and I don't remember it being much different than the 2 panel saddle I built going on 3 years ago. I've built 7 single...
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    Saddle from my past!

    Was thinking the same thing as I was taking the pictures! But I never learned anything being safe!
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    Saddle from my past!

    Lineman's belt! Actually was very comfortable. Especially before two panels were cool!
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    Saddle from my past!

    Thought you all might enjoy seeing what brought me to this forum. I bought this from a yard sale back in 1998. Hunted with it till 2016 when the belt shrunk on me! Started looking for a bigger one and found this place! Been an adventure sense!
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    anyone with a small, air compressor (hobby)? weird request

    I've used the exhaust side of my shop vac to blow sawdust off my safety glasses. If you already have one!?!
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    2022 Ohio Mobile Hunter Expo

    I wish New York didn't suck! I've always wanted to go to something like this!
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    New from NY.

    Welcome from Wyoming co. NY.
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    Covered in seeds!

    I pay my kids a dollar if they fill a coffee cup! Works great!
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    New York Saddle Hunters

    Been driving since 5 this morning! Man bucks are moving this morning! Wish I was in a tree instead of this!
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    Tethrd company

    I forgot what this thread was about and had to go back and look! Keep going!
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    New York Saddle Hunters

    Rained most all weekend. Except snowed at 4:00 Sunday! Not much movement. Saw a couple of does eating black berries and some maple leaves. Even the scraps weren't touched in a while. 40 mph winds also helped! Wyoming co.
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    New York Saddle Hunters

    Being dairy country here, free corn is everywhere! Straight to corn at night and in off grass in the morning.
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    New York Saddle Hunters

    Wyoming co. checking in!
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    Another new guy here

    Welcome from western New York.
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    OCB Leverage Tool

    Same here. If I can't get it to can I over its to tight. I also cam it once and then tighten it up a bit and do it again.
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    New Member From NY

    Welcome from Wyoming co. NY