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  1. btsnhos

    Public land trail cameras

    I use a simpson tie plate from home depot/lowes with four 1' screws on the corner, then run two eye bolts to make a hinge with a bolt and butterfly nut in the center. Screw the camera into the one end of the bolts and then use a truckers hitch with paracord. Works great, just very bright so I...
  2. btsnhos

    Any real advances in bow tech over last 10 years?

    ^ I am purchasing the solution soon, I currently have a bowtech assassin, nothing wrong with the bow but I am ready for something new. I shot the Solution and it's like going from driving a honda to a tesla, faster, lighter, smoother. But thats comparing a brand new bow to a 9 year old bow...
  3. btsnhos

    New from Upstate NY

    welcome, have fun this season
  4. btsnhos

    how fast will a deer go bad

    Dang sorry to hear that you didn't find him, backing out when in doubt is always the best thing to do, remember to think about exit wound not entrance wound. Wired to hunt podcast has a fantastic episode about shot execution and tracking with Mark Drury, something nobody really covers, it's...
  5. btsnhos

    how fast will a deer go bad

    You should be fine, I've shot plenty of deer in Sept in FL and recovered them the next morning and the meat is fine. One thing that can help you in the future is the Drury Outdoors Deercast app, it has a cool feature called deercast track that lets you pic your shot placement then they post...
  6. btsnhos

    Need some scouting advice

    PictureThis is the name of the one I switched too actually not the inaturalist
  7. btsnhos

    15 yard pin?

    I use 10, 20, 30 and it works great, I also focus on the target itself and allow the pin to float
  8. btsnhos

    2020 Broadhead choice?

    Simmons swamp sharks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. btsnhos

    Acorns. Are you seeing them in trees yet?

    You see them hitting the live oaks early season? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. btsnhos

    Whose watching the NHL playoffs?

    Unfortunately that’s from 2017. Lots have changed. Oh well, hopefully Colorado pulls it off. Canes look like they’re going to get rid of the rangers real quick Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. btsnhos

    Whose watching the NHL playoffs?

    They weren’t till last night. Not everyone and I didn’t see it I saw a news article. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. btsnhos

    Ozonics poll

    Wearing rubber boots that are always stored outside or in a tub and changing into clothes after getting out of the truck then using good access playing the wind and not touching every branch, twig and blade of grass in sight will solve most of those problems even on small properties. I have a...
  13. btsnhos

    Whose watching the NHL playoffs?

    They don’t stop kneeling and I won’t be watching. Sick of politics in sports Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. btsnhos

    Ozonics poll

    It does all add up. But the number one thing is the wind. No matter what you can’t beat their nose, you can make it seem like you’re farther away but you can’t eliminate scent completely. If the wind isn’t right they’re going to smell you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. btsnhos

    Ozonics poll

    the wind
  16. btsnhos

    What bow is everyone shooting this year?

    2012 bowtech assassin, not broke so not fixing anything
  17. btsnhos

    Who Did Not Snort the Fairy Dust? And Why?

    I lost a buck in northern Arkansas last year due to bad penetration from a ground shot. 11yds 70lbs bow w/ 350 spine and rage mechanicals, I saw the arrow hit and then the lighted nock fly forward towards his head. Had a bunch of blood for the first few hundred yards then nothing. I was...
  18. btsnhos

    Whose watching the NHL playoffs?

    I pay for the ESPN+ app, its not expensive but usually you have to watch the games after they air. Break. Colorado for the win. The Hurricanes are making toys of the Rangers right now.
  19. btsnhos

    Proper Meat Care on Out of State/Hot Hunts

    I use dry ice. Gut, quarter, bag...haven't died from the meat yet
  20. btsnhos

    Public land scouting trip

    I think I drew the same area, but can't travel outside of 150 miles so i'm giving the permit back to the system. Looks awesome though hopefully you get a big one.