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  1. TradBowGuy

    Who makes quality camo outer wear

    I'm a First Lite guy to the bone...LOVE their merino stuff. It's pricey, for sure, but for me up in PA where I get colder now that I'm older, it can't be beat. Wet or dry, that wool keeps me warm, and in the early season, keeps me cool too! I love the ASAT pattern, & was lucky enough to buy a...
  2. TradBowGuy

    Hot meal while in the Saddle

    Stanley thermos's for me-a 14 oz widemouth for the chili or soup, & a 20 oz for hot coffee. the 20 oz is cool-you just remove the cup & loosen the stopper to pour. But if I'm staying on the ground, & walking back to camp...then I also take an 8 oz little guy that contains, um...wound...
  3. TradBowGuy

    Wild Edge Step Ladder with Knaider and Swaider

    That's GOOD advice! Thanks for sharing! I know what you mean-I almost did the same thing when I first tried using those things! Now, since I started rappelling down, I connect both the rappel rope as a tether, and the lineman's rope while on the ground. It takes me longer to get up, but I...
  4. TradBowGuy

    How long to get comfortable

    For me, "comfort" had 2 parts-getting comfortable with climbing trees & using my equipment, then finding a saddle that I could sit in for anywhere from 4-5 hrs to all day. Here's what I did. First, I bought a climbing harness from amazon-not near as expensive as a saddle, & it got me climbing...
  5. TradBowGuy

    Aluminum arrows

    I switched back to aluminum four years ago. My Widows & my Schafers like 2016's, 30 in. with 190 gr Swamp Sharks up front. My bows are all around 45#-48# @ 28" or 29". I keep 2 carbons in the quiver for stumps or squirrels when things get slow. For those, I use GT Traditional 500's, usually buy...
  6. TradBowGuy

    Smokey smelling pack

    I would wash the heck out of it with Dead Down Wind laundry detergent, let it air dry outside for a day, then I'd build a nice smoky wood campfire & smoke the heck out of it with wood smoke. At least 4-6 hours. I do alot of hunting on the ground, and wood smoke all of my outer layers. I believe...
  7. TradBowGuy

    New and not a fan...yet

    My recommendation (your mileage may vary) ;): If it has to be a saddle with no pressure points, and is easily adjustable to support your ENTIRE back & legs-Dryad Drey LL. 2nd choice of saddle-not as adjustable or comfortable as the Drey to me, but still a very comfortable, and a more...
  8. TradBowGuy

    Using this for a quick link

    :laughing::laughing::laughing: Yep, I thought of that...that's why I throw low with my head high!!! And, since I attach at ground level, if that ever happens I'll probably survive the fall!!!
  9. TradBowGuy

    First sit...TEST

    The main reason why I started saddle hunting is that as I was getting older, ( I'll be 61 this year,) I noticed I was developing a fear of heights-heck, I'd watch a movie with a "high rise" scene like the 1st "new" james bond movie where he's chasing a guy across a construction crane, and my...
  10. TradBowGuy

    Using this for a quick link

    Well, some might think this is ALOT of overkill, but a rock climbing friend suggested this one to me, & I have to say that I really like it for the quick link on my rappell line/tether. Because of it's "twist," I'm always able to keep the gate away from the tree, and the extra weight makes it a...
  11. TradBowGuy

    Older guys

    I'll be 61 this year. I use wild edge steps, tethrd skeletors, & hawk helium sticks. As I'm getting older, I'm beginning to prefer the wild edge steps over sticks, because I'm concerned about a nasty cut or worse, if I would fall or slip a little bit and come up against the edges of those...
  12. TradBowGuy

    Moving on from the Mantis

    I did a review of several saddles a while ago... maybe the info will help... I also picked up a JX3 Hybrid, which is the king of comfort, imo...
  13. TradBowGuy

    Sticks vs Wild Edge Steps

    I have 20 WE stepps, a set of Tethrd Skeletors, & 3 Hawk Helium sticks. I've played with all, & use the WE steps the most. Using just steps, I use 10 to get to where I want to be-7 gets me to height. 1 higher for an additional hand hold/bow hanger, & 1 on each side of the perch. I take my time...
  14. TradBowGuy

    Hunting Backpack Needs

    I think some of them are on sale over at Black Ovis....
  15. TradBowGuy

    Favorite un minimalist gear.

    I like it-nice heavy duty arm that screws into the tree & nice fasteners for the open part that 'straddles" the tree to get secured. Around $20 on Amazon. I have 2-one is in my saddle pack, the other I use when ground hunting.
  16. TradBowGuy

    Favorite un minimalist gear.

    Ameristep treestand umbrella. folds up nice in a pack, & comes in handy when it's gonna keep raining.
  17. TradBowGuy

    Hunting Backpack Needs

    I think you're making a good choice w/ MR-their packs are top quality & the "overload" feature is very valuable. I originally bought a Sawtooth 45 with the frame, & over the last few years have added a Mule, Pintler, & Beartooth 80-these I bought as "bag only" options, so I have the 1 frame, & 4...
  18. TradBowGuy

    JX3 Hybrid Pack System Trial

    PM sent to Kyler & Ryan.
  19. TradBowGuy

    All my doubts put to rest.

    If you ever decide to buy one- I'd recommend that you check out the Dryad Drey (a more "conventional" saddle with plenty of back support) or the JX3 Hybrid- I love both of them!
  20. TradBowGuy

    JX3 Hybrid Pack System Trial

    If not too late, ( I just saw this) I'd like to try it out. If already shipped back "home," no big deal-Thanks!