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    Advancing your tether while one sticking

    Thank you. I’ll give it a try
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    Advancing your tether while one sticking

    I’ve seen a video on a set of straps attached to your tether to use as handles so your not having your fingers getting between the tree and rope but I can’t seem to find it again. Can anyone Direct me in the right direction?
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    Sold Please Close Amsteel Daisy Chains

    Thanks for the info Tim good to know I’ve got some Amsteel in that size. Think I’ll give it a try. Good luck
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    Sold Please Close Amsteel Daisy Chains

    I’ve been seeing this daisy chain and curious to what kind of strength load is on the 7/64 amsteel in this configuration?Just wondering
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    Wtb predator platform/xop sticks for sale

    I’m interested in the sticks how much ?
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    Pm sent
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    Predator platform $180 TYD *SOLD*

    Pm sent
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    Predator GEN 2

    Pm sent
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    I’ve had the best luck when I’ve been able to roost birds the night before and get a ground blind set up way before sunrise. The kids can move around a little without spooking birds. I’ve educated a few birds trying to get a kid their first turkey but never regretted a hunt yet! Been...
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    My First one on the ground in Western North Carolina. This sorry old Tom was taking advantage of a very young hen. I just had to put a stop to his inappropriate ways!!!
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    Amsteel Bridge Buries

    Just wondering thoughts on doing a locked broumble on both ends of 1/4 amsteel. Girth hitch in one side of the saddle and using a carabiner on the other side for a bridge?
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    LIVE from SaddlePalooza 2019

    Thanks for the reply. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it on Saturday.
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    LIVE from SaddlePalooza 2019

    I’m wondering if I get a few loose ends tied up tomorrow is it still possible to come down for the demo day on Saturday and if so what do I need to do? I’m not registered or anything.
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    Mad Rock life guard

    Thanks for the response. I’ve been researching the gri gri+ and saw this. I wasn’t sure if it would hold up as I’m a pretty good sized guy that gravity seems to pull a little harder then most others. I know for a fact I don’t bounce as good as I did 20 years ago!
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    Mad Rock life guard

    Could this device be used as a descender if you use a 30 foot tether? In kind of a SRT setup.
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    XL Size Tethrd Mantis-Less Bridge-1 SYS Hauler-In perfect condition,ready to ship.

    I’m new here. I think I’ve sent you a pm. I’m interested in your saddle.
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    Selling Aero Hunter Kestrel and Muddy Pro Sticks

    I’m interested in the package deal. But as always looks like I’m late to the party!
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    Trade lg mantis for size 1 kite.

    I would be interested buying it straight out. Let me know if the trade or sale with estew22 doesn’t work out.
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    New from NC

    Thanks. I’ll try that this evening on the map. You do the same if head up to the mountains.
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    New from NC

    Hello all I’ve learned a lot from this site about saddle hunting but unfortunately I’m the type that learns more from hands on experience and was wondering if there’s anyone in the area that could show me the ropes so to speak? I’ve seen a link to a map that show saddle hunters locations but...