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  1. Tr33_n1nj@

    Minimum tree (or branch) size for a platform

    “Well how big a feller are ya?” -Roy D Mercer. I mean I’ve tucked up into some pretty small trees, just high enough to step up on the platform. “If the strap fits, it sits. I’ll get in where I fit in when I have to.” And you can quote me on that.
  2. Tr33_n1nj@


    I guess I did, I ended a 27 year drought (or 10 years depending on if I count the years I wasn’t hunting)
  3. Tr33_n1nj@

    Advice on processing

    cookie sheet, butcher paper, wire cooling rack.
  4. Tr33_n1nj@


    Thank you
  5. Tr33_n1nj@

    2022 Contest Submission Thread

    5 points team 1 please. First saddle kill.
  6. Tr33_n1nj@


    First saddle kill.
  7. Tr33_n1nj@


    Getting prepped for my annual rut hunt on my family property. Then 2 weeks later heading for a draw hunt that should have some action. Still hoping to add some points.
  8. Tr33_n1nj@


    Tide Pod broadheads???Millenials… SMH. Also anxiously awaiting videos of the “Pod Broadhead Challenge”.
  9. Tr33_n1nj@

    How to check wind or thermal direction, non standard ways

    1) Grow a real beard 2) Watch which way it moves.
  10. Tr33_n1nj@

    The best Mid weight pants.

    Im just here for the Y’s…
  11. Tr33_n1nj@

    Cva wolf Muzzleloader

    I was looking at the new Wolf 2.0s and noticed the different available breech plugs they sell. It appears they have a 209 breech plug, a quick release breech plug, and a NW conversion breech plug. I get the NW conversion, but I wasn’t really clear which of the other 2 came with the gun. And I...
  12. Tr33_n1nj@

    What is the quickest, lightest, and most affordable climbing method?

    …taking one down solo. I’ve got one that’s been up for 4 years because Im afraid to take it down by myself and I don’t want my buddys to know where it is, lol.
  13. Tr33_n1nj@

    Balloons IN the actual bed

    You skin the balloon and get the heart out. You take the heart and zip tie it to the northern most pine tree in the patch and then wait. The buck will bed right there the night after an new moon.
  14. Tr33_n1nj@

    What's going on at AeroHunter?

    Who t.f. is using their saddle over their head? Seriously, there’s a legal concept call “common language” You cant say a common phrase like “overhead use” has a super technical specific meaning and expect that to be a defense in court when common people read it and have different reasonable...
  15. Tr33_n1nj@

    Who climbs with their bow?

    I hate laying my bow on the ground for this reason.
  16. Tr33_n1nj@

    Big Jim Desert Bighorn TRADED

    Bump for you. That’s a gorgeous bow. If you don’t mind, and if you know, what wood is that? And is that a medium or low grip?
  17. Tr33_n1nj@

    Grizzly Stik Samurai

    Morning bump for anyone that missed it last night.
  18. Tr33_n1nj@

    Grizzly Stik Samurai

    On sale for same price as Overkills until 12/11.
  19. Tr33_n1nj@


    I bought one when they were having a sale before last season (the Orion version). Haven’t been blown at since. If you flip it upside down so the fan is on top, the noise all goes up instead of in your ears. I notice a lot of guys on TV hanging it that way so I tried it and it works better. I...