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  1. neonomad

    Gen 3 One Sticks....

    Three sticks been sitting in my garage for a month now, the tree grip has me a little concerned honestly, but others have relayed better experiences. In the hand I really like em, interested to get some reps in this spring / summer and find out.
  2. neonomad

    Hickory Creek Koolaid

    Oops to clarify, just the mini or any crossbow being a relatively louder bow, but yeah adding weight of course shaved some dBs.
  3. neonomad

    Hickory Creek Koolaid

    A louder bow with too slow an arrow would bug me a little, wonder if that’s a recipe for issues at 30 yards, who knows.
  4. neonomad

    Lighter knot

    Dang it will mail back my man card, camping I just use those tacky fire starting packets from wally mart. If shtf Im prolly starving early on.
  5. neonomad

    How to overcome flinch with rifles/handguns?

    Joel’s son Bodie’s archery skill these days to me is a huge validation of his dad’s system. My shooting is good enough, and I don’t reach out far enough, to as of yet go through the program but if I was struggling I would. Also, man do I like shooting my AR so much more since I put a...
  6. neonomad

    EWO Order Must Haves?

    Jx3 user here, seems like a good list to me… for a one stick / rappeller two fleece pouches is what I use. When I climb with sticks I like a two step aider at the bottom then one or two one step aiders on the ascent. There are times I’m lazy and don’t even set up the ROS but the experience is...
  7. neonomad

    this is a British artist, he has Lyme disease. it is 9 min long. A lot of people are sharing it to watch others reactions

    Had a forester visit a few years back, he talked about his battle with lyme and its effect on his heart. Could tell it changed his life, he only wears pre treated clothing now. Going out without treated garments is so easy to do, but man it’s a risk.
  8. neonomad

    First Pass Through and Blood Trail But Unable to Recover

    Here’s where a drone might pay off… but yes quarter toward are tricky in almost every situation, for the reasons you lay out. Good luck on the next one!
  9. neonomad

    Honest question. Anyone ever 'educated' a squirrel while deer hunting?

    Late season ‘22 I was up a tree near a river, squirrel came up a tree next to me, gave a few chirps but nothing annoying. Squirrel laid down on a branch for 10 minutes and just watched the river - kind of a sit on the front porch - then went into its hollow tree hole. We shared an evening it was...
  10. neonomad

    retrieval rope- dynaglide or amsteel?

    I’ve gone to narrow flat webbing, works good now prefer it to cord.
  11. neonomad

    "Game Changer" Products

    Let’s say we’re all carrying 4 quan 2.5 lb sticks… at what point is lower weight a bit of a game changer? Let’s say we’re all hunting from 13 lb + tree stands, at what point is weight a game changer? The same functionality at significantly lower weight is dang near most of the equation for this...
  12. neonomad

    "Game Changer" Products

    For me it’s been late season food plots, cellular cams, better outer wear, and kids (huge step backward in my hunting game). Vertical crossbow, and bolt climbing, still too soon to confirm. Honorable mentions to saddles / JX3, one stick rappel, and Tethrd One sticks + aiders.
  13. neonomad

    2 tether or die.

    The reason I haven’t tried it is the amount of slack I see on the saddle tether when advancing if something goes wrong on the foot tether, and the overall low stability look of the process… what am I missing?
  14. neonomad

    Climbing stick camo idea

    Man that turned out great.
  15. neonomad

    Tethrd Gen3 One Sticks $299

    Got these a few days ago, only fiddled on a tree in the backyard, any advice on easily releasing the rope to take the stick off the tree? After wrapping and pulling it down through itself I’m left with a cinch that I have to fiddle with to loosen…
  16. neonomad

    Tethrd Gen3 One Sticks $299

    Anybody know if this is real? https://www.tidebuy.com/product/tethrd-one-climbing-stick-gen-3?m_currency=USD&skuid=220018&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0qzb-pyx_QIVjjizAB19HAgcEAQYASABEgJNm_D_BwE
  17. neonomad

    New Gear for 2023, Go!

    Haven’t seen it in person but seems like Osio camo works pretty well when you’re against a tree trunk.
  18. neonomad

    Tethrd Gen3 One Sticks $299

    Dah, this sale got it my head, they got me for 3… been wanting to try em. No idea how they’ll integrate into my rig, just making more work for myself between now and Sept but wonder if they’ll be the one sticking killer.
  19. neonomad

    Bowmar’s Sentenced for Wildlife Violations

    I was real torn on this initially as well, think I’ve settled on worse.
  20. neonomad

    Bowmar’s Sentenced for Wildlife Violations

    I’m soul searching, and here may be the deeper source of my defense of them… Josh has a video for a method of peep tie in where you don’t cinch down the two ends of the diamond where your string splits for the peep. Works pretty good and has solved some peep rotation issues for me. For this I am...