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    Worst thing you’ve forgot to take into the field?

    Release, yesterday. started contemplating how much finger damage I would sustain/how straight I could shoot using finger pull, before giving the morning up to the whitetail gods and coming back for an afternoon hunt...with my release this time.
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    Safety challenge.

    This. Ditto for me - climbing background. Throw even 6 inches of slack in the system and fall on it, you’ll never leave slack again. These are not dynamic ropes - nor should they be. Even rapping too quickly and sudden stop - ‘I’ve got that bruising feeling…’ sing it with me now…
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    Worst thing you’ve forgot to take into the field?

    time to brush up on your whittling skills. hope you saved some turkey feathers!
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    Gear Strap from the Saddle?

    for the gear line, I've tried a few things. find this one best for me. Amsteel Gear Chain with Nite Ize Camjam. Light/packs small and holds a tonne of gear. https://customamsteelproducts.com/products/hys-daisy-chain for bow, again have tried a few things including a quick release paracord loop...
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    How many people actually use a bino chest rig?

    I use a Kuiu bino harness. Always use when scouting. Same setup as bigbuck247. When I’m in the tree, sometimes depending on shooting lanes/vis I’ll hang on gear hanger vs wearing on chest. I practice shooting with it on because it’s a lot easier to shoot without it if you’re used to wearing it...
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    PLEASE CLOSE - Kuiu axis hybrid hooded jacket

    Will try and thanks for the tip! Good luck to you as well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Saddle Death… Stay safe out there.

    Horrible tragedy. I rock climbed for many years prior to saddle hunting, so most of what I do comes from that world. Agree with others here re leg/legs must have been tangled. Whether it was in an aider affixed to a stick, or something else…who knows. Agree re info sharing. Rock climbing...
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    What did you do today that’s related to saddle hunting?

    Pulled out my camo and realized a bunch of it doesn’t fit! Also joined this forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    PLEASE CLOSE - Kuiu axis hybrid hooded jacket

    Size large in valo. Over $450 new. Yours for $300. Never worn, so it’s in flawless condition. Lifting weights and not hunting for a year is a recipe for outer layers fitting like base layers when you decide to reverse the weight/hunting ratio. Can’t seem to post a pic so once I figure that out...
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    PLEASE CLOSE - Wild Edge steppladder

    Wild Edge steppladder (link below comes with 12 steps but I have 13) with Backwoods Mobile Gear knaider and swaider. Includes platform for top step of steppladder. Total value over CAD$600 pre tax and Shipping. Used for two days last season - most of the steps have never seen a tree. Great...