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    Why not use dynamic rope for one-sticking?

    Dynamic or static has little to do with negating the dangers, the short amount of rope involved for saddle Hunters makes the dynamic in Dynamic ropes a non-factor. Ask any climber whether they take a 10 ft fall on 5 ft of rope or a 200-foot fall on a hundred feet of rope. I've done them both and...
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    prussic KN?

    Was unaware of that. My activity in the climbing community has passed its season, long that it was. I was climbing on double and twin nines 40 years ago probably for the same reasons you would. In general I would still say climbers use larger diameter ropes for durability and the margin of safety.
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    prussic KN?

    That was a semi rhetorical question. Rock climbers and arborist don't use smaller diameter ropes for the reasons you stated wear and longevity. Now I am completely ignorant of the logistics and operations in canyoneering, but given that the ropes I've seen for canyoneering are static, the ropes...
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    prussic KN?

    and I asked the question, do arborist and rock climbers generally use 8 mm ropes?
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    prussic KN?

    The path of minimum breaking strength and kilonewtons, is a false trail. Rope management and slack elimination should be the top priorities and concerns for all of us. All the equipment from the arborist industry and climbing community more than exceed our needs as far as strength. We should...
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    New to Trad bow stuff. Help a noob!

    Find Jeff Kavanagh, Jimmy Blackmon, and the push archery on YouTube. Ton of great information from different perspectives let's solid foundational information.
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    Splicing 11mm Kermmantle Rope

    You're going to break long before the knot does.
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    TrophyLine, How do I make this thing comfy?!

    What am I missing?? While I'm not very experienced yet and I only have a limited number of sits, weather on my Mission or Scout platform, I find my Ambush to be more than adequately comfortable. I have been going lower and lower with my tether and I would say that works for me. I like the bridge...
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    Know your knots...

    Yes in the examples of the rescue class, in this thread, they were talking about capsizing the knot. This can only be achieved by tying the knot loosely not dressing it,and not adding a stopper not. A parlor trick As I said the Figure 8 is the appropriate knot for our purposes. Even poorly tied...
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    Know your knots...

    I just have to call BS on the failure of a bowline knot. Yes it can be made to capsize on itself, If you poorly dress it and don't put a stopper knot on the tail. Those would-be poor practices with any loop knot. That being said, I do favor figure eight for our uses in hunting. It is fairly easy...
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    What makes you safe.

    No enemy brother!! Communication is a tricky thing. Our viewpoint shades how we interpret things.
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    What makes you safe.

    I just opened this thread up again and that picture came up. My immediate thought was "back clipped" Vtbow has assessment of this correct. But since the primary carabiner will not fail, it's just more stuff to deal with. If you want to use it it should be clipped in alongside the primary...
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    What makes you safe.

    Mr. bj139 definitely not directed at you. I can tell by your post that you're very organized and have your own system. How ever one does it, it just has to be your system. My prusik is never untied at hight, just switched from tether to auto block position. I'm always attached to my tether from...
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    What makes you safe.

    Being a rock climber with multiple big walls, a kayaker with numerous class 5 descents and the ability to execute Swift water rescues, and skiing in places where no rescue is coming for you; it is not the number of backups you have or the variety of knots you can tie, or a phone, that will keep...
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    Who the heck is making Amsteel tethers and Amsteel prussic combos and selling them on FB???

    There's so much to comment about in this post. I will try to be succinct. Amsteel is about saving weight. most will probably find more weight savings in their personal use items than their safety equipment. Climbing ropes don't break and Knots don't fail from breaking in real world situations...
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    Got it done!

    Awesome!! Got my first one with the recurve last year. This year it's to get one with a recurve from a saddle.
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    Ultra Light Climbing method 2.0

    As you step up onto the lower tether, hook the fifi onto a short prusik Loop on that lower tether from a short Bridge. I believe that would allow you to not have to use your leg hook but I'm not sure of the Dynamics, given the proximity to the tree.
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    Ultra Light Climbing method 2.0

    I'm still just working on my one sticking technique as I only have 2 saddle sits and a handful of hunts from elevation. Red Beard I really appreciate your videos as they greatly lessen the learning curve. My observation of the 2TC method, from the perspective of an aid climber is that a ball...
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    NEED HELP!!!! — Sharpening new single bevel

    It really doesn't matter what medium you use for sharpening, Arkansas Stone, Diamond Stone, Automotive wet dry sandpaper, or the smooth concrete on your porch. A consistent angle and a light touch, make sure you raise a burr. I personally find a 6-inch Mill bastard file and a piece of cardboard...
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    Eberlestock X2 for Packing Quarters

    I've packed out several deer with my x-2, 1-2 miles. The pack fits me well. Extensions for the compression straps are handy. Quarters outside everything else in. Tape the frame to get rid of the squeak. Anything less than a mile in I use an old climbing rucksack and the Lash in and on anything...