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  1. DroptineKrazy

    Rules For Thee Not For Me (Outlaw Thread)

    But.....do you ever speed when driving? If you drive I already have the answer. Why is one law given more importance than another?
  2. DroptineKrazy

    Anyone already spend their father's day money they haven't gotten yet?

    I don't get no money for Father's day. Must be nice.
  3. DroptineKrazy

    Recommendations for Diamond Sharpening Plates for Broadheads?

    I have the Stay Sharp diamond plates and they are well worth what I paid for them imo. I do think the price has gone up since I bought mine though.
  4. DroptineKrazy

    Day One Camo 35% Off Sale

    @woodsdog2 Is the material quiet? Can't tell that from the pics lol.
  5. DroptineKrazy

    First Hunt

    Gotta love it. Another hunter bitten by the saddle bug!
  6. DroptineKrazy

    Deer ducking bow shots

    I've actually taken to using a kissing noise instead of the good old meh. Similar to calling in a fox the last 10 yards or calling to your cat. Seems to get a more curious response instead of an alert response. It has worked to perfection on the last several deer that I've shot.
  7. DroptineKrazy

    Setup breakdown in new growth pines.

    ^^^ this is the exact same approach I take. Up the odds in your favor. Why not?
  8. DroptineKrazy

    Setup breakdown in new growth pines.

    I'd like to have a dollar for every time I cut a nice clean trail to a tree stand only to come back to hunt it and see it full of tracks and rubs where the deer had taken it over. lol.
  9. DroptineKrazy

    Deer ducking bow shots

    I believe that the number one factor in a deer dropping is hunting pressure. Whether it's just you pressuring them or a very heavily hunted area doesn't matter but if they know there being hunted then there much more likely to be skitterish and duck at the shot. Heck, I've actually walked up to...
  10. DroptineKrazy

    Backwoods versa aider SOLD please close

    I'll take the versa aider. PM on it's way
  11. DroptineKrazy

    This Guy can Shoot !

    Darn if that kid ain't almost as good as me! lol
  12. DroptineKrazy

    Animals caught on camera doing amazing things

    Probably the best bear fight video I've ever seen though!
  13. DroptineKrazy

    Animals caught on camera doing amazing things

    Awesome video if only the guy had kept his mouth shut a little bit more. I'd expect a holy sh*t or something but dropping the f bombs kinda ruins a great video.
  14. DroptineKrazy

    New SH from Central Indiana

    Welcome from coastal Maine!
  15. DroptineKrazy

    Bullman Apex 2.0 and Platform voluntary recall

    And THAT is how these type of situations should be handled. Well done sir!
  16. DroptineKrazy

    Interests or hobbies you couldn't care less about.

    My religion is SADDLE Hunting :hearteyes:
  17. DroptineKrazy

    TideWe vest or comparable?

    Now you tell us lol! I can tell you that their customer service has been excellent.
  18. DroptineKrazy

    TideWe vest or comparable?

    I've bought 4 of them for me and my family. We love them. Just be patient. They'll be back in stock.
  19. DroptineKrazy

    Blood trailing lights

    Any suggestions on make/model? My experience with the "blood" light I bought from Cabelas years ago was the exact same as @thedutchtouch
  20. DroptineKrazy

    Hunt New Zeeland?

    OMG! I sure wish I was in your shoes right now, That's one of my dream hunts. I would try to make it happen if I were you.Budget be damned!