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  1. Arrow Smith

    What song is stuck in your head while hunting?

    The first one 100% lol…if my username wasn’t a hint
  2. Arrow Smith

    $20 Bushnell Cellucore20 - $59.99 plus $40 rebate up to 5 cameras.

    @gcr0003 thanks for the info. Just picked up 2, I’ll give them a go for $20. Also somehow got free shipping when I bought 2 (shipping to MO, it appears this retailer is in state)
  3. Arrow Smith

    Any run API Outdoors sticks?

    That sounds very similar to my first setup; I ran the API sticks with an attached single piece of 1” webbing on the bottom step of each that acted as an aider. They worked great for me the season or two I used them and helped me get comfortable with both sticks and aiders. Depending on where...