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    NG from SC

    Welcome from Greenville, SC!
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    Sc Public land mountain buck

    Congratulations! Been hunting for one myself up in the mountains of SC, and I understand how difficult it is. The difficulty makes the reward even sweeter. Awesome job!
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    trad bow give away

    405 Thanks!
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    Lots of firsts with this buck.

    Awesome, congratulations!
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    WV buck down!

    That is a beautiful buck, congratulations!
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    First Public Land Buck!! Big MN Swamp Donkey

    That is an awesome buck, congratulations!
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    Kayak Help.....

    I really like the NuCanoe but I do very little fishing so it basically would just be for hunting. So the question is, do I search for what I need or what I want... Time to start relentlessly searching craigslist.
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    Ropeman Safety

    Thanks guys for the answers. The videos really helped.
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    Kayak Help.....

    Hey Dave, is that a Frontier 12? I noticed the picture of the one earlier in the thread and since you mentioned it, I starting doing some research on it. It looks like a hybrid between a canoe and a kayak.
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    Ropeman Safety

    Hey DwadeCham, what is the purpose of the pulley in your setup? Could you use the same setup but with a ropeman instead of a pulley? Sorry if it is a dumb question, I am new to saddlehunting.
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    Kayak Help.....

    I have been looking at kayaks and canoes as well for additional mobility. It just doesn't seem that there is enough room on a kayak for when you kill a deer. What would be the advantage of a kayak over a canoe?
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    Mismatched camo?

    This is a very interesting concept that I have never even thought about. I wonder how effective using a darker camo pattern such as mossy oak or realtree for the pants with an open pattern such as predator camo for the the upper body for hunting with a saddle.
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    Greetings from South Carolina

    Thanks everyone for the welcome. I read about the SaddlePalooza and that would be a great opportunity. I will see if I can make it. BTW G2, keep up the good work on your videos. @kelly.jayp Thanks, I will definitely check out the map. @mudminnow I work less than 10 minutes from that area. I...
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    Greetings from South Carolina

    Hello everyone, greetings from Greenville, SC. I enjoy deer hunting, mostly with a rifle up to this point but really looking to do more bowhunting. I was first introduced to the hunting saddle while reading John Eberhart's books (I am a huge fan of his) and began investigating available...