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    Why don't yall 2TC?

    Awesome, great info! Thanks and I appreciate the experience. I've been using a system for the past few years of having two stick with a moveable aider that I made. In my few experiences with the 2TC method, I think it may actually be easier than using a moveable aider and I am excited to keep...
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    Why don't yall 2TC?

    I'm curious how many of you who are experienced in 2TC use tether handles? I've done a handful of climbs so far and am really liking the 2TC method without handles, but can see the safety concerns in case of a slip and fingers getting pinched. Would love to get some feedback on those who use...
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    Does anyone just use the ring of step?

    I've never tried a ring of steps, but hoping to this season. Do others have similar problems with putting on layers, peeing, etc on these steps?
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    Friction Hitches

    Awesome, thank you! Made a couple of.these and plan to try them out.
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    Friction Hitches

    How do you tie the dogbone tender? I'd like to give this a try.
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    Anyone use John Eberharts scent control methods?

    Since I only hunt on public land, trying to do scent control regimens took a great deal of fun out of hunting. I enjoy mobile hunting because I get to be spontaneous, which is very different from the other parts of my life. When I learned how sensitive a deers nose is, along with wind...
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    tethrd predator level screw

    There are many different things people have done. I simply cut a piece of an old bicycle tire tube and wrapped it around the post. I added a one inch piece of tubular webbing underneath the tubing, where the screw hits it. Easy fix and no noise.
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    The lightest, fastest climbing method. This will change the way you HUNT!!!!!

    Then I can't figure out how to explain my trip to the emergency room after attempting to climb and descend a tree with only a rope tied between my feet... I truly respect anyone that can do this, maybe I'm just getting a bit more wary of my athletic prowess as I get a bit older.
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    The lightest, fastest climbing method. This will change the way you HUNT!!!!!

    I have seriously thought about learning how to do this, only I keep thinking about how to explain to my wife that this is safe... Can't figure that part out.
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    The lightest, fastest climbing method. This will change the way you HUNT!!!!!

    Now days he is more machine than man...
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    random idea for guys that sew: make better boot blankets

    Haha, I've been there a few times also with the Charlie horse. I'd love a different design. That makes it easier to get these on.
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    Linesman belt instead of linesman rope, input please

    I would think the downside to the strap you referred to would be on trees that have rough bark. With the wider strap it might be more difficult to move it all up on some of the "shaggy" bark trees. I would also wonder how this strap works when it is damp or downright wet. Seems possible that...
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    We've been doing it wrong all this time.

    Just gotta wait for the quiet electric version...
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    On that double eye dogbone you have, do both loops attach to the carabiner? How do you tie this?
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    Awesome, that helps tremendously! I've been using a piece of paracord connected to a small piece of PVC pipe that I sanded down to round the edges. Your ideas even simpler and I'll definitely be giving it a try. Thanks for the diagram.
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    Would you mind snapping a picture of this?
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    Post-Season “Won’t make that mistake again” Thread 2023-24

    I got some 8ft amsteel daisy chains for my sticks and predator platform so that I could get in some larger diameter trees in my area. Glad I did because I got in a larger tree that my 6ft straps wouldn't have worked for. It was all going great until trying to set up my gear hanger and realized...
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    Best, quietest,rain gear , that won’t break the bank?

    I'll third this. I've had their silent suede jacket and pants for five seasons now and it keeps me dry even through some freak rainstorms.