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  1. bowhunthard88

    Chronographed, Real-World Bow Speed

    IBO is usually 5gr of total arrow weight per pound of draw weight @ 30" with basically nothing on the string. I haven't legitimately chronied one of my bows in two years, but I figure I'm somewhere about 260fps based off all my particulars. I'm waiting on a Lift 29.5 and currently shooting a...
  2. bowhunthard88

    Are some rubber boots better with ground scent?

    Nose Jammer is kinda weird that way... I think that if you manage to blow a deer out using it, they do remember that. The other analogy is that I prefer ("need") to sit where I can see the room, not with my back to the room; if a deer walks into something and suddenly they lose their sense of...
  3. bowhunthard88

    Women's Clothing

    Brand new Outdoor Research Women's Juneau Fleece Hoodie in size medium/naval blue. Reg $150. Only the jacket is being sold lol. $40 shipped to lower 48, payment via PayPal f&f/gift only. Excellent condition Outdoor Research Women's Wilson Shirt Jacket in size medium green. $50 shipped to...
  4. bowhunthard88

    ISO Bino Harness or Recommendation

    I'm using a FHF Chest Rig as my bino harness right now, but their standard ones are nice too. Marsupial makes a good one, and then Kifaru makes one too now.
  5. bowhunthard88

    Victory RIP XV (Xtreme Velocity) Elite V1 Arrows 300 Spine (7 Count)

    These weigh out at the assumed weight of 75gr!
  6. bowhunthard88

    LCA Revolution Vice

    Last Chance Archery Revolution Vice in awesome condition! https://lastchancearchery.com/revolution-vise $300 shipped to lower 48, payment via PayPal f&f/gift only.
  7. bowhunthard88

    Victory RIP XV (Xtreme Velocity) Elite V1 Arrows 300 Spine (7 Count)

    I'll check. I don't remember if it's 50 or 75gr.
  8. bowhunthard88

    Victory RIP XV (Xtreme Velocity) Elite V1 Arrows 300 Spine (7 Count)

    7 count used Victory RIP XV (Xtreme Velocity) Elite V1 cut arrows in a 300 spine @ ~27.75" carbon-to-carbon. All arrows have installed brass HIT inserts. No nocks. 4 arrows are fletched with a right-helical 3-fletch of AAE Max Stealth vanes and 3 are non-fletched. Good buy if the length...
  9. bowhunthard88

    Ravin 450 Crossbow Scope - R170

    New Ravin 450 illuminated crossbow scope with rings/etc as from factory. $110 shipped to lower 48, payment via PayPal f&f/gift only.
  10. bowhunthard88

    Matthew’s V3 27”

    BTT for my favorite saddle bow lol. This is one of those bows that I don't see myself selling, now that I'm smart enough to realize what I have. I've sold two other bows that I shouldn't have over the years...
  11. bowhunthard88

    Nockturnal Shift Universal Green Lighted Nocks - NT-811 - UPDATED

    BTT with additional/updated.
  12. bowhunthard88

    One-sticking or 2TCing in hammock-style saddle?

    I actually use a separate "mini-tether" with a small figure-eight loop on one end and a stopper on the other. I have a Sticht hitch with a locking carabiner on the "mini-tether". The top loop of the "mini-tether" connects to my primary climbing/tether carabiner (same with the Drey bridge) and...
  13. bowhunthard88

    One-sticking or 2TCing in hammock-style saddle?

    I love my Killdeer and Mini-Drey setup, but I cannot answer the actual question, because I put the Drey on at height. I will SRT/rappel/climb with just the Killdeer and put on/remove the Drey at height.
  14. bowhunthard88

    2024 Gear thread

    Anyone see the new Alaskan Guide Creations pack? Not enough to pique my interest, but looks to be another solid option... https://alaskaguidecreations.com/collections/backpacks-collection https://alaskaguidecreations.com/collections/backpacks-collection/products/scout-agc-backpack
  15. bowhunthard88

    Saddle Tree Setup Discussion

    There are almost too many scenarios to account for in any given post lol! My preferred height is the minimum height for maximum effective range, but with either great break-up cover OR high enough to get out of the deer's direct line of sight. Given the perfect scenario, as a righty, I...
  16. bowhunthard88

    Tents, Sleeping Pads, Etc.