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  1. skell

    DIY Dump Pouch

    @BackSpasm got the discussion rolling on DIY dump pouches. I quick put one together with scraps for demo purposes. Here is one I came up with that is pretty simple. Dimensions can be adjusted to your liking. These were rough guesses to get me going. Next time, I will probably add an inch or...
  2. skell


    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Welcome to the one stop shop for the frequently asked and should be asked topics. This thread will be a work in progress and will require the assistance of the experienced among us. Please, if you have information you wish to see added, post below or PM me with the...
  3. skell

    My DIY Gear/Bow Hanger

    Finally managed to complete my gear hanger. -DIY Bowhanger. I like mine to allow the bow a little off the tree. -2 HME accesory hooks. -DIY bracket for quiver bracket. -5 ft 1 inch webbing strap with ITW G-Hook Gave it a little test run in the yard to see how it handles the weight of the...
  4. skell

    FS New Game Plan Gear BowBat XL -- $60 TYD

    Brand new GPG BowBat XL. I'm pretty sure the only time it has been out of the bag is for these pics. Bought it before I discovered this site and my love for sewing my own gear. Now it doesn't fit my system. $70 TYD paypal F & F only. Thanks. Sent from my LG-US701 using Tapatalk
  5. skell

    Knee Pad - Tree Pad

    So, I currently use knee pads I have from days gone by roofing. They work fine, but I like the idea putting a pad on the tree to lean against in place of wearing knee pads. So, here's what I came up with to try out. I started with a chunk of treadmill pad. Roughly 6" x 16" x ~1/4" And a...
  6. skell

    DIY Mesh Saddle

    Version 1! It's almost ready for a test drive! It is not @ckossuth quality...but I was doing alot of learning as I sewed. I will say I have a much greater appreciation for the price tag on a purchased saddle. I do plan to do a version 2 after playing with this one for a while. I can tell I...
  7. skell

    Sewing Resources and Information

    With the discussions on sewing (or thread injecting if you prefer), I think it may be beneficial to those interested if we had a single resource thread for sewing information. I know a number of the little things I’ve picked up along the way are scattered throughout the forum. Please, if you...
  8. skell

    Archery Form Books/Videos

    Does anyone have feedback on any good books or videos instructing proper form? I was listening to the Nock On podcast and John Dudley was talking about practice techniques. It peaked my interest in ways to practice to improve form. Looking for anything positive or negative on any books/videos...
  9. skell

    Attaching back support to webbing bridge

    For those of you with a webbing bridge, how are you connecting your back support? I'm currently connecting with paracord and it keeps slipping down. I'm girth hitched on one side and tied on the other. Looking for suggestions. Will a paracord prusik hold on webbing? Thanks!
  10. skell

    New DIY/saddle hunting podcast

    Just saw an announcement for the 9 fingers chronicles podcast. Adding episodes to his feed starting next Thursday with the DIY Sportsman ( @bowhunter15 ) and Bobby (going out on a limb...@Boudreaux ). Good for you guys! I'll just be sitting over here anxiously awaiting... [emoji4]
  11. skell

    Adding loops to RC harness

    Just curious if any of you who have done this did something to keep the loops open/easier to connect the linesman belt to. Have been doing a little playing around this afternoon with ways to keep them open...
  12. skell

    Podcast talking saddle hunting

    Andrew from Wild Edge is on the latest installment of the 9 finger chronicles podcast talking saddle hunting. is mentioned...hittin the big time! Hopefully this helps someone else through their cubicle...
  13. skell

    Scouting Notebook Suggestions

    This year is a little odd...I can actually post season scout immediately following season with no snow on the ground! In the past I've done a great deal of walking/scouting/shed hunting, but almost always with snow cover. This year I've been reading one of John E's books and watching his DVD...
  14. skell

    Central Iowa Hunter

    I've been lurking for a while and decided it is time to say hey. First off, thank you for all the information you guys share. I've been bowhunting about 15 yrs now...always using hang ons and climbers and almost entirely on public ground. Took this season (just ended) off after being...