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  1. skell

    Live from the saddle 2019

    This thread always makes work SO challenging....
  2. skell

    TEAM 1 Discussion thread

    I'm hoping to get out in the next week or two. I'm trying to knock a fence stain/seal project before temps drop anymore. It is really hindering my tree time at the moment. Hopefully, that will be done this afternoon. Good luck to those getting out now and in the near future. Congrats to those...
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    Hello from Nebraska

    Welcome from Iowa! You mean to tell me there were saddle hunters at the deer classic??? I would have attended if I would have known!
  4. skell

    Hello from Illinois

    Welcome from Iowa!
  5. skell

    Painting predator platform

    I'm painting mine this weekend. Not concerned. If they are smelling it, they are smelling me. And my scent will probably be more concerning to them than any lingering paint fumes ;)
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    New from Oklahoma

    Welcome from Iowa!
  7. skell

    New from SE Wisconsin

    Welcome from Iowa!
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    New member

    Welcome from Iowa!
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    FNG from Minnesota

    Welcome from Iowa!
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    New from Alberta

    Welcome from Iowa!
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    Another newbie from MN

    Welcome from Iowa!
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    Check your messages
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    TEAM 1 Discussion thread

    Man, you guys are really making it hard to wait to get out. That's not helped by me sitting in a hotel room, at a conference for work all week, watching the Hunting Public and reading this forum...the way life's schedule is going it'll likely be late Oct. before I hit the woods. Congrats those...
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    New from IA

    Welcome aboard! What part of the state? I'm in Polk County.
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    Sewing Resources and Information

    Update: Added Sailrite website on sewing webbing to post #1. Thanks @Homebrew454
  16. skell

    Sewing webbing book

    Not sure how I've never stumbled across that page.... excellent info. I'm going to add it to the sewing resources thread later today! Thanks!
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    Sewing webbing book

    On rope
  18. skell

    Saddle material choices

    I've used 500D cordura and milspec mesh. If memory serves me correctly both were purchased thru eBay.
  19. skell

    Sewing machines for DIY

    Quick look... I think it will likely do what you want within reason. This has some good info on that machine...