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  1. Exhumis

    Please close - Black Diamond Spot - $18TYD

    Works perfect. Excellent shape.
  2. Exhumis

    What have you found while hunting/scouting

    In the spirit of what have you lost in the woods, what have you FOUND in the woods? I've found more saws than I can count, both hand held and pole mounted. Blinds, two of which were perfectly serviceable. Stools, treestands(obviously abandoned on private property) arrows, glasses, spikes...
  3. Exhumis

    Please close - XL Minus33 Midweight top - $25 TYD

    Good shape, has a dime size hole in left sleeve by wrist and pea sized hole close to right shoulder (damn you barbed wire!) otherwise good. Always hang dried. Forest green.
  4. Exhumis

    Please close - Natural Gear Winterceptor Fleece Pants XL- $50

    In excellent condition, incredibly warm and block the wind very well. 6 pockets. These are the older fluffy fleece style and not the new hard side fleece style. Natural Gear told me this is the style they are switching back too. These are definitely late season/heavyweight.
  5. Exhumis

    Please close - Natural Gear Winterceptor Fleece Pullover XL - $50TYD

    Very warm and blocks the wind very well. This is the new version that's the hard sided fleece. Like new condition. Definitely late season / heavyweight. From Nat Gear: 400g Hard-Sided Fleece Windproof Water Resistant Coiled Zippers Dual Chest Pockets (1 Magnetic) Drawcord Waist Seat Extend...
  6. Exhumis

    Hunters Specialties Deluxe Scent Safe Travel bag - $15TYD

    Used this for a season or two, in excellent shape. 34" x 25". Has double zippers to keep scent out. Attached a pic showing it next to my daughter's power wheel(not included).
  7. Exhumis

    WTB/WTT Scentlok Alpine Hoodie XL

    Looking for the above hoodie in XL. Will either buy or have two have rage xtreme and three NAP gobbler getter to trade.
  8. Exhumis

    Horn Hunter amazing customer service

    Lost a couple of the female end clips for the side mounted cinch straps on my Horn Hunter G2 pack. Emailed them inquiring how much the clips would cost (yes I'm aware you can get some from Amazon/ebay but the ones Horn Hunter uses are better quality. Trust me, I checked) and Jarrick emailed me...
  9. Exhumis

    Please close - Scentblocker Drencher jacket and bibs, XL - $80TYD

    Very warm and water resistant, have worn in the rain and stayed dry. In excellent shape.
  10. Exhumis

    Please Close - Custom Lone Wolf Platform - $125TYD

    Up for sale, custom Lone wolf platform. Made from a Lone Wolf seat and Doublesteps parts. Post is 9" long and has been covered with stealth strip. Platform has been sprayed with bed liner and then sprayed with camo color to help with noise. Feet have been camo painted and then painted with...
  11. Exhumis

    Broadhead trade/swap!

    Hey folks, Let's start up a broadhead swap! I've seen this done in other forums with a success, sure selling is good and all but horse trading is moar bettah. Prolly best to PM in the person you are interested in trading with, then drop an update in the thread. I'll go first, have two...
  12. Exhumis

    To leave or not to leave an ascender on your rope, tis the question

    For those of you who use a mechanical ascender, do you leave it on the tether/lifeline, or do you take it off? I take mine off as I'm worried about premature failure of the spring mechanism due to prolonged load, the same reason I don't leave my mags loaded for extended periods. Let's hear...
  13. Exhumis

    Wild edge Mil discount

    I'm sure others have already figured this out but somehow I missed the military discount banner. They offer 10% military.
  14. Exhumis

    Please close - WTB Ridge runner

    Anyone have a ridge runner they're looking to unload?
  15. Exhumis

    Ridge runner and big(er) guys

    You bigger guys with a ridge runner, what are your thoughts? Stable in a tree? How's side pressure and toe off? Enough room for size 13 boots? I'm 6'2", 230lbs.
  16. Exhumis

    See you again next year

    I get one picture a year of this guy, it's almost like a birthday card at this point. See you again next year! This property borders a wildlife preserve/conservatory, so I think that might be his home range and he just makes laps towards the rut to remind all the young bloods who's boss around...
  17. Exhumis

    Please close - NWOT Aerohunter Back Band II Asat - $20

    Picked this up on a whim, turned out to not need it. Haven't used it, it's been sitting in my tote.
  18. Exhumis

    Please close - Silent Approach Ring of Steps with OCB - $60

    Used these once, determined I'm more of a platform guy. In excellent shape. Comes with the original unused ratchet strap and a doublesteps ocb strap.
  19. Exhumis

    Midweight glove recommendation

    Wanting a glove that keeps hands warm around 40 degrees, have a muff for colder weather. Been looking at the usual suspects Sitka, first lite, OR, etc. Anyone have one they like?
  20. Exhumis

    WTT Kwikee 3 arrow quiver lost camo xd

    Looking for another 3 arrow quiver, not picky brand but would like either lost camo or black. Mines in excellent shape. Comes with mounting bracket of course.